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Sometimes, Hunters just give the best talk. If you are a witness in this kind of event, do not hesitate to submit it here so that it can be shared in the world of Hunster Monter©©!
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TheHackerMan To-do List

Are you wondering what the hackerman is doing? Well, here you can find out.
    Currently being worked on
  • Have HunsterVerse Lobby B automatically available when we reach a maximum of 100 users in GH
  • A little redesign of the website to make the n00bs and kids know that this is not an informational
  • Make users able to submit "ban messages" (messages shown on the site when someone is banned)
  • Translate Pages for our international users
  • Update Hall of fame
  • Only Make connected users of HunsterVerse be able to connect and play
    To be worked on
  • Have QuestBoard Pin the quests in the respective rooms
  • Change the look of the site so that n00bs and simple-minded people don't think it is a "sketchy" site
  • Redesign sign-up process So that certificates get generated only when the user confirms his/her email
    Removed. Reason: too many steps to be taken by users. If they can't put their right email, then it is their loss.
  • MHF1/MHP3rd Weapon Tree
  • Mod tutorials and resources
  • Encrypt users' email in database to avoid user info exposure in case of database leakage
  • Add two factor authorization for mods
  • Add forums
    Done Tasks
  • -- Week of August 28th --
  • Made HunsterVerseBot be less spammy about its "Did you know?". Now bot posts every 500 lines.
  • Automatic daily System Back-up to make rebuilding HunsterVerse easy in case of crash/hack/deletion
  • -- Week of August 21st --
  • Added "Graced IP" in case IP check returns false positive for proxies or VPNs
  • Admin panel now shows ban stats for mods (which mod has banned most people, for the lolz)
  • Admin panel also automatically shows ban stats for current and previous month
  • Mods can now whitelist certain IPs to remove false positive.
  • Ban countdown is now shown in Admin Panel
  • -- Week of August 14th --
  • HunsterVerse bot now gives a "did you know?" message every 4 hours
  • Banned people now received an email about their bans
  • Time stamp of bans is now shown with more details in Admin Panel
  • -- Week of August 7th --
  • Ghosts can be killed no matter how silly their nicks are
  • Updated PPSSPP settings shown on the website
  • Some locations have their bans automatically increased to 8 weeks
  • Certain IPs can now be white-listed IF there is a good reason why
  • Insta-Insta ban enabled by default. Admins can swiftly ban people. Default ban is now 4 weeks, no complaining.
  • Courtesy email is now sent to banned people
  • Site displays when ban will be removed
  • -- Week of July 24th --
  • Admins can now review and give a response to cheater reports
  • Changed the Look of the Private Chat sent by QuestBoard
  • Made it easier for me to Reply to Features/Bug requests
  • Logs can now be searched
  • Bans can be sorted by Auto-System or by admins
  • Made the link given by HunsterVerseBot look better
  • Added Cheater Report link to website (this way players can report cheaters with proof)
  • HunsterVerse bot now delivers Welcome messages
  • Enhanced Proxy/Bad IP detection for signups
  • Added Instant Ban LVL0 (break cheater's connection) and LVL1 (Ban from HunsterVerse) without server Reboot.
  • Added logs to Admin panel to be able to catch past cheaters
  • Increased GH max for F1 to 10. The coloring of the GH has also been updated
  • Date and Game played are automatically appended to bans
  • MHF2 will appear in the GH status page only when there are people playing it
  • Increase GH status page font-size for our friends who need glasses :P
  • Enabled UTF-8 characters to be shown so that all other languages will be rendered correctly
  • Admin Can now see all Previous HunsterVerse bans
  • When Banning a user, admin will have to pick the reason why the user is being banned;
    the increase in the numbers of steps to ban will prevent "accidental bans"
  • -- Week of July 16th --
  • Fixed a bug in the Signup process where some permissions might be given to make more than 1 account, but permission would be denied
  • Updated Sites logo alongside Brazuka and Xenthos
  • Updated Feature/Bug page to be able to sort submissions by accepted/rejected/all/not yet reviewed
  • Added automatic Reply to new comers who are less than two hours old and are still asking for instructions on how to play
  • Made QuestBoard bot scan messages to pick up when users are asking for quests
  • Made Admin able to ban GH Ghosts an easier way
  • --- Week of July 9th ---
  • Make the use of QuestBoard more intuitive
  • Suggestions/Bug Submission
  • Secret Bot: QuestBoard
  • Improve HunsterVerse Sign up page to make sure people have their correct emails
  • Fixed bug in RoleGiver Bot where it would remove roles
  • Add some lol messages to the pages people will see when they are banned
  • Increase HunsterVerse capabilities to 1023 players.
  • --- Before July 9th ---
  • Block VPN access to avoid people circumventing bans.
  • Security: More configuration to make brute force attacks less likely
  • Weekly Challenges Submission.
  • Make HunsterVerse available.