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Tip #891 +(-2)-
If there are n00bs that need help, make sure to help them when you know what to do

-- TheATG#1244

Tip #1017 +(-1)-
rose are red, violet are blue, I hate Yian Kut Ku

-- Aniiiiii ( King Dice )#3588

Tip #1104 +(-3)-
In a near future noobs are gonna be extinct.

-- ValDGreat#0272

Tip #504 +(5)-
When a Great Jaggi is trying to run away, put a bomb in front of its exit and blow it up for damage

-- TheAngryTallGuy#1244

Tip #943 +(8)-
See the place where the fire/ice/lightning/poison/water/wind comes out? That's the weakspot! Good luck, and don't get bitten/burned/frozen/shocked/poisoned/washed up/blown away!

-- Dusty Uncle#9811