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Hunting monsters and loosing friends by cyarolin - WatashiNoCuscino

I - first you have to do, is using gunlance and make sure your teammate is using it too
<br>II - make your teammate host the quest because he is richer than you
<br>III - steal everything from the starting chest, because is statistically proved no one uses gunlance, so the first thing your teammate will try to do is swinging the weapon as a fly swatter
<br>IV - give fakes infos about gunlance moveset to your teammate ( if he notices you are saying bullship simply blame him and tell he sucks at it)
<br>V - when fightning the monster shell the more you can, maybe aiming also to your teammate sometimes
<br>VI - do prance gesture randomly
<br>VII - tell him how to wyvern fire at the end of the quest
<br>VIII - don't let your teammate carve anything once the main monster die
<br>IX - remember to him he sucks at gunlance
<br>X - congratulations! i'm pretty sure if you completed all these tasks your teammate blocked you even in real life and most important you defeated a monster alone because you havent let your teammate do anything

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anon on Jul-13-2019 at 02:43 am says: +(-8)-
said the one who carted by rathian tail twice in one go

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