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DOTK tutorial by Lord Zero

Okay, so you've hit G-Rank (HR7) and now you want that super cool Rathalos X Blademaster set for your GS/Silver Sol Z Gunner for your HBG (or you're going for something else, but why would you? >:]). But wait - you need these hvnly thingamajigs to get them!!!11!!1, and you can't find any!

So what is the best way to approach this situation? Farm G-Rank Rathalos until you di-- I mean, do Descendants of the King! Waitwait you need someone that's HR9 to do it... Oh snap I forgot to think that far...

Whatever, grab some random person on the server that's HR9, and you beg them to host the quest. Don't forget; you need stronk armor if you don't want to die. idk what you should use but just pray that you don't die since you can get rekt even with G-Rank armor.

So now you're fighting a shiny winged man with his gold-digger wife. Assuming you have some flash bombs, throw them everywhere until you blind both the man and his wife. Now that the couple is blind, aim for that gold-digger wife until she dies. Don't aim for both of them at the same time, or both of them will sign divorcement sheets and will express their fury onto you, and you die.
Keep hitting that woman until the silver winged man is single. Once he's single, show him some traps until he gets shocked by them, allowing you to abuse him easily. By the way if this HR9 person is using a hammer, spam him to smash its head so you can abuse him even more. Keep abusing him, and soon he'll join the afterlife with his gold-digger wife (assuming she stopped stealing money).
Congrats, you murdered the recently-married couple to create a suit of armor for your GS/HBG. Now you'll get a lot of hvnlies to make your great set--


I didn't get any hvnlies in the rewards!!


aND that's the end of this giude! Remember to like the video, subscribe, turn on notifications to enter my Roblox giveaway!

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