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hunt tigrex (100% not clickbait) by vaccavacca

you are hunter
you are tasked to kill tigrex to advance to next hr
you are alone, so you hunt alone
you then talk to big tiddy guild hall gf to get quest
you then start quest

# Quest name: somethingsomething key quest 1
# Mission: fuck tigrex
# rewards: all the hose in the worlD

this is what you do
uwu / #w# / AwA - you
-W- / OWO / @[email protected] - tigrex
* - flashbomb
_/ - your shitty weapon
/ - base camp
$ - psychoserum
|^| - balloon
o/ - wave
* - paintball
{= - puff of smoke

1. you start at base camp / uwu
2a. you then drink psychoserum / uwu $
2b. you wave (gesture) at big balloon / uwu o/ |^|
3. you then go outside of base camp and find tigrex / {= uwu
4. you then find tigrex uwu -W-
5. tigrex spots you (oh no) uwu OWO
6. you throw paintball at tigrex uwu *OWO
7. you accidentally paused the roar antimation, you draw wepaon uwu_/ OWO
8. instense fight OWO _uwu {oraoraoraoara}
9. tigrex rage moves @[email protected] _uwu {ohshit}
10. you die from charge #w# @[email protected] ====3 <- this is smoke btw
11. you are brought back to baes / #w# meowmeowmeowmoew
12. you find tigrex sleeping uwu -W- {zzzzzzzzz sonre}
13. you oraorainstaban the shit of tigrex AwA_/ OWO (ORAORAOROAROAORAOR)
14. tigrex mudamudas OWO =====3 _AwA (MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA)
15. tigrex fukcing dise

AwA_/ -W-

theer is one reson why u lost, tirgex
you pisse me of

16. you carve tigrex uwu_/ -W-



guide brought to you by:
vac (pro not pro pr0)

sponsred by:
be safe, my twin

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