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How to beat Yamatsukami! by dat undersea pineapple guy

Ok, so, you're HR8 and you just got your HR9 urgent quest and you're like. "FUCK YEAH!" you look at the quest and holy shit it's Davy Jones' long lost brother, and holy shit it's fucking massive and has like four legs and a big mouth so we're all sitting here like. "WTF I SPOSED TO DO." follow it like a jackass..

So now we're at the top area and I have no clue what weapon you're using but I recommend using a pair of DS or a hammer..

So now we're fighting this bastard! Wailing away at his tentacles when his eyes turn blue and yellow and we're like "WTFWTF" now he's in RAGE mode and he slams himself into the tower and you're like. "LOLOLOLOLOL I'M HITTING UR TENTACLES." but OH SHIT he sucks you into a vortex and eats your ass and you're dead instantly, so now we're like. "Wtf do we do when he does that." you can either run off the side of the tower and jump like a fucking idiot, or you can throw tranq bombs at him and make him fall fuck yeah!

1.)Hit tentacles
5.) Win

now ur hr9

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ZackVix on Sep-09-2009 at 08:18 am says: +(76)-


Agcf9kSJz on Oct-24-2015 at 01:42 pm says: +(-45)-
OK stupid qutiosen: How does one go about getting the Daily Quest? I signed on yesterday and today and still don't see anything on my main or any of my alts. There's supposed to be something that pops up, much like the dredgion button, right?

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