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be careful by Rin (The Thanatos). Rep = 41.97 % (193 votes casted). Viewed 787 times.

How to beat Yamatsukami! by dat undersea pineapple guy. Rep = 36.99 % (519 votes casted). Viewed 2613 times.

How to kill Akantor! by LS Pro. Rep = 48.94 % (521 votes casted). Viewed 1963 times.

All Quest Guides by Profit Gnome. Rep = 40.12 % (501 votes casted). Viewed 2163 times.

Chameleos Guide by ZackVixACD. Rep = 36.83 % (486 votes casted). Viewed 2010 times.

Plesioth Guide by ZackVixACD. Rep = 40.16 % (503 votes casted). Viewed 662 times.

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