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Do you need help clearing Monster Hunter© Quests? Are you stuck and can't move forward? You have come to the right site. The following is a collection of Guides from the most skilled Hunters in the world of Monster Hunter©; we call them "Giudes". Follow them closely and you shall no longer phail any quests... or not!
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Chameleos Guide by ZackVixACD

Chameleos guide Brought to you by ZackVixACD

Hunter: H

Dual Blades: \./

Paint ball: *


(you can't see it)

1) Hunter Walks in Forest or Swamp:

H ... H ... H

2) Hunter Walks again in Forest and Swamp:

H ... H ... H

3) Hunter can't move forward; something seems to be blocking the way:

H ...

4) Hunter uses Paint Ball in case Cham runs to another area:

H ... *

5) Hunter uses Demonization:

' \H/ '

6) Hunter sees Chameleos at time:


7) Hunter avoids cham Tongue attack:

\H/ +---<o''/

8) Hunter Tries his/her best to stay on Chameleos Side and Pwns Cham:


9) Hunter uses Mad Dash running trick to locate Chameleos:

Explanation: if can't find where Cham is, Run around if Cham is behind you, Hunter will start Mad dash, if Cham is in front, Hunter will run normally...

10) Hunter Pwns Cham so Badly Cham dies (Cham tongue goes all over the place):

\H/ +--------<*''/

11) Hunter Carves Cham:


12)Quest clear!

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CheelPeel on Aug-15-2009 at 12:03 pm says: +(-25)-


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