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How to kill Akantor! by LS Pro

First off equip your Devil Slicer and your Rathalos Soul U armour and buy the following items.
Cool Drinkx10
then go to your box and remove the following
Book of Combos 1
Book of Combos 2
Book of Combos 3
Book of Combos 4
Bomb Materialx10
Max potionx2
Ancient Potion
Mega potionx10
Farcaster (OPTIONAL)

Ok now that you have all this stuff (ALL OF IT IS NEEDED. *NEEDED* to kill akantor.) when the quest starts akantor will make scary noises and a giant boom.

ok so now drink your cool drink and let him run at you, if he just stands there and taunts run over and throw a flash bomb so he doesnt run you over because it hurts lots. Now start hitting him in the face until he goes into rage mode. When he goes into rage mode I need you to do this ONE thing, there's an alternative but that's for noobs. What you do is you hold down the square looking button next to the music note and it'll put you into a glitch mode where his roars and fire dont hurt you i know this for a fact. A FACT. or you can be a noob and use a farcaster. Now when you press the button all of akantor breaks your character makes the dying sound and akantors tail comes off, you press the button again and hit akantor once and you win! yay! you beat akantor and now ur hr7!

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