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Chat/Quote #84 +(4)-
Zermuffin: Guys, I want you to know
Zermuffin: I don't want to be Arayu anymore.
Zermuffin: I wish to be Zermuffin
Seamus: ...why?
Kogath|MH3: Can I call you Zergmuffin?
Seamus: ^
Zermuffin: Becauze Zermuffin > Arayu
Zermuffin: No. It's just Zermuffin.
Seamus: Zergmuffin>Zermuffin
Kogath|MH3: But I like the sound of Zergmuffin...
Zermuffin: Pronounced Z-air-muff-en
Kogath|MH3: Z-urg-muff-en
Seamus: ...fuck that, you're Zergmuffin
Zermuffin: lol
Zermuffin: Okay, okay.
Zermuffin: Lurker? :D
Kogath|MH3: lol
Seamus: Eh, work your way up.
Seamus: Gotta start as a Drone.

Chat/Quote #82 +(-33)-
DragoValhar: He had some maretto Mum.. Must be some powerful shit if it made him type like that.
Seamus: amaretto...
Seamus: You must not drink much.
DragoValhar: Seamus, I dont drink, like at all.
Seamus: ...god you people suck.
ZackVixACD[QuoteMode]: tell your liver that in 20 years
Kogath|MH3: Eh, I got two of em, right?

Chat/Quote #81 +(-23)-
ZackVixACD: I see two #socb chat now
UglyGypceros: O.o
Wandermeyer: Man, and I thought you had an excuse...
Prime223: lol
UglyGypceros: It's the EVIL SOCB
ZackVixACD: :O
ZackVixACD: ah no wonder. Wandermeyer was nice to me over there

Chat/Quote #80 +(7)-
<&thraadash> PORN is a good concentration Method, Fanny.

Chat/Quote #78 +(1)-
Jask: My jizz is like cocaine. One taste and you'll do anything for me.
Jask: That was fucking horrible.
Jask: tm, kick me. I deserve it for that one
Jask left the room (Kicked by tm10 (tm10)).
Jask [] entered the room.
Jask: Thank you
tm10: np bro

Chat/Quote #75 +(-11)-
join: (Arayu|Sleep) (
(TheSeraph) first there was sleepwalking
(TheSeraph) now sleepchatting

Chat/Quote #74 +(-15)-
nick: (Mr_Popo) is now known as (LegendaryVirgin)
(LegendaryVirgin) whoops sorry
(LegendaryVirgin) didnt know i was in her sttll
nick: (LegendaryVirgin) is now known as (Mr_Popo)

Chat/Quote #72 +(-10)-

Chat/Quote #70 +(-17)-
Bot: [HotGamerMum] Q: What's Love? A: Something wonderful yet it hurts.
UglyGypceros: Wait
UglyGypceros: Bot.....
UglyGypceros: Fuck. No.

Chat/Quote #67 +(-10)-
TheRedHotAgitos: bouta say something you guys wont get but i need the translation
TheRedHotAgitos: Go fuck yourself with a spiked dildo you fucking faggot.
TheRedHotAgitos: DAMMIT
TheRedHotAgitos: didnt turn it on
Ghostcat: lol
Mizu[RftL]: Oh lawdy

Chat/Quote #66 +(-9)-
Redpug987 [] entered the room.
Redpug987: FUCK ASS FUCKS!!!!
mode (+b *!* by Jask
ZackVixACD: he is still in the room
ZackVixACD: I am waited for a very original message in your kick Jask
Morgene: He can't talk or anything
Jask: I figured I'd let him sit and watch for a short time
Redpug987 left the room (Kicked by Jask (very original)).

Chat/Quote #65 +(-11)-
**SoulG is now known as RapeG
***RapeG plays sexually with Griz
***RapeG rapes randomly at the chatters
***Andra parries the attack, and counters with Pyramid Head Buttsechs
***Jus counters Pyramid Head Buttsechs with 1 Terrabyte of tentacle pr0n
Andra left the room (Ok, I'm dying here.).

Chat/Quote #63 +(-6)-
*** Morgene joined #socb
Ghostcat: =/
Morgene: What's going on in here?
Ghostcat: sex
Morgene: Awesome
wapaloola: and drugs
**Morgene takes clothes off
**Morgene pulls out used syringe
Morgene: Ready
Ghostcat: xD
Ghostcat: no rock and roll though
Morgene: ...
Morgene: You guys suck
**Morgene puts clothes back on

Chat/Quote #61 +(-22)-
Morgene: Is that on the quotes thing yet?
Ghostcat: ?
Morgene: Nevermind...

Chat/Quote #59 +(-11)-
<tm10> TheSlayerSystem (17 hours ago)
<tm10> Remove | Block User | Spam Marked as spam
<tm10> attention all mhnoodles fans, check us? out were are better them him rofl pl0x!!!!
<Biscuit> oh man
<Biscuit> you bout to get unsubscribed
<tm10> i no
<Biscuit> by like 3000 people
<tm10> I know, his message was really convincing. Even I unsubscribed from myself.

Chat/Quote #55 +(-3)-
<tm10> The chat quotes on that site are terrible. The only good ones are from the old #socb. That place really did go to shit like everyone said when we left.

Chat/Quote #53 +(9)-

16:43 Jask Apparently I forgot that you existed, Gawi.

Chat/Quote #52 +(32)-
[14:26] <@aegilnet> this chat is epic, girls/transformers/DBZ/matrix all at ones, without anyone complaining

Chat/Quote #50 +(11)-
<gnsnprwldwsl> Anyone here into cars ?
<%tm10> I've been into a car once. It was pretty sweet.
<Arayu> Yeah
<Arayu> I've been in a car or two
<gnsnprwldwsl> = ='
<gnsnprwldwsl> Sigh, IRC.

Chat/Quote #49 +(-2)-
Cptmrrm: and i think im going to stop getting on this thing everytime i get on all i have is just one question but instead i always end up getting an answer and a penis

The good ol' days. . .

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