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Tip #764 +(8)-
If you can't kill giadromes in Gathering Hall quest, don't do the multiplayer.

-- Ghostblood#7568

Tip #397 +(5)-
Hypno Hypno is hard, but they're both weak to fire and can make each other sleep so yay

-- TheAngryTallGuy#1244

Tip #1292 +(4)-
make sure to flash a rajang especially when playing with other hunters

-- WatashiNoCuscino(cyarolin)#1826

Tip #974 +(-5)-
"Bro, they always talk about hentai here :v"- Vacc 10/10 would be dick sucking again

-- Reia#2297

Tip #1307 +(-4)-
if you have an open spot, TAG ME SON! -TheTurdBaby

-- turdbaby - corrections#2876