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Tip #2776 +(-5)-
look at tip 69 <:sip:496770282418339840>

-- Ale Shan#5946

Tip #774 +(-37)-
If you see Rathians charging at you, you might as well stick your butt up because it's going in dry.

-- Ghostblood#7568

Tip #1902 +(-2)-
Did you know? Duramboros' are just crown sized Antekas

-- Calsifer#8561

Tip #2675 +(10)-
you wont get rare mats coz of the Desire Sensor™

-- 『Weeb』#7448

Tip #403 +(-33)-
Shen Gaoren and Lao Shan are slow fights, get ready to be bored

-- TheAngryTallGuy#1244

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