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HunsterMonter Tips (To help Git Gud)

Submit your Own Pwnage Tips here and make the total number of "uzeful" Tips reach over 2024,000(?)!!!
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Tip #47 +(40)-
If spoons can't cut, then don't think you can cut off a monster's tail with a hammer.

-- LikeNoWay!

Tip #13 +(13)-
Monsters are not your friends.

-- LikeNoWay!

Tip #1972 +(1)-
Rough Edge (MHP3) is Good Switch Axe (SA) type weapon that the material can be found in Flooded Forest and Tundra (Low Rank).

-- Suryak#3146

Tip #1649 +(-4)-
Did you set it to Wumbo?

-- Abbanon#8809

Tip #73 +(8)-
Daora's hate flash bombs.

-- LikeNoWay!