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HunsterMonter Tips (To help Git Gud)

Submit your Own Pwnage Tips here and make the total number of "uzeful" Tips reach over 2937,000(?)!!!
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Tip #2230 +(-8)-
dont solo a black gravios.

-- MiruTights#3785

Tip #1019 +(11)-
remember: #don'tdoit

-- WatashiNoCuscino(cyarolin)#1826

Tip #1597 +(-25)-
if you couldnt manage to kill b.fata in 1 round, it will flee in anger and become crimson fata

-- omega#2448

Tip #2179 +(-13)-
To enter Online Guild Hall, you must have an internet connection.

-- JoyJoy

Tip #1652 +(10)-
mhfu | there is something with b.gravi between its wings flipping and its beam+fire aura,

-- Kanra#2448