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HunsterMonter Tips (To help Git Gud)

Submit your Own Pwnage Tips here and make the total number of "uzeful" Tips reach over 2778,000(?)!!!
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Tip #2889 +(3)-
Traps aren't gay so don't worry about your sexuality when you find them attractive

-- Rem(edy)#7343

Tip #2414 +(2)-
if you are really, reaally far away from your teammates when they find the monster, Use the time to harvest everything,

-- MarkDenielle#8722

Tip #1055 +(13)-
if you clear 7000 mission for weapon usage with a single weapon you can f*ck the guild hall ladys

-- WatashiNoCuscino(cyarolin)#1826

Tip #2884 +(-1)-
Lure Tigrex to a rock and he'll struggle from crunching it.

-- CedaX3#9490

Tip #1717 +(-2)-
Training cheese tip no.1: Gather Megapotions!

-- Egge#8958