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Tip #7630 +(-1)-

-- Acheron#8250

Tip #2046 +(-8)-
Bow shooting position : Scatter - 1-2 hops away, Rapid - 3-4 hops away, Pierce - 4-5 hops away, use your backhop for measuring the distance.

-- Liberta Veronica [Stay With Me]#9231

Tip #2534 +(4)-
and thats a F A C T

-- Jester The Great#1358

Tip #379 +(-77)-
It's not the main target monster that makes a quest difficult. The reason is the goddamn monster mobs.


Tip #2066 +(-4)-
getting the succ succ from naTsooki isn't good for your health

-- LinkTheMastah#1924

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