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Chat/Quote #43 +(-36)-
AdmiredFob: yao
AdmiredFob: yap
AdmiredFob: lol embargo
maxninja: he was gonna say yaoi
maxninja: cus he gay
Corona: ya i know
maxninja: RUFFLE
maxninja: 1
Jask: Hey Fob, you missed it, there was a yaoi night at fanime. You'd have loved it.
AdmiredFob: idk wtf a yaoi is :/
Corona: that makes me feel like killing myself
AdmiredFob: omg
AdmiredFob: dick
Jask: Haha! Please tell me you just googled "yaoi"

Chat/Quote #111 +(7)-
Lev: yawn is like fart for your mouth

Chat/Quote #316 +(30)-
ZackVixACD: Yes, the great Zack himself is back
Laverden: oh man
Laverden: Zack!
ZackVixACD: Yes!
CreepyRpg: oh man zack is here
CreepyRpg: lets get out
CreepyRpg: >:(

Chat/Quote #59 +(-2)-
<tm10> TheSlayerSystem (17 hours ago)
<tm10> Remove | Block User | Spam Marked as spam
<tm10> attention all mhnoodles fans, check us? out were are better them him rofl pl0x!!!!
<Biscuit> oh man
<Biscuit> you bout to get unsubscribed
<tm10> i no
<Biscuit> by like 3000 people
<tm10> I know, his message was really convincing. Even I unsubscribed from myself.

Chat/Quote #171 +(-20)-
[20:50] <ZackVixACD> FUCK MY CAR!
[20:52] <@Leprechaun> ask tm10, he will gladly fuck it