Pew Game Trophies
  1. Collector -- Rack up 10 points during the Grace Period.
  2. Dodge This -- Have a close call with 10 bullets in one game.
  3. Very Close -- Get a very close call with a bullet while reloading. There must be at least 15 bullets onscreen.
  4. New Ship -- Reach 600 Points.
  5. This is beyond Science! -- Get 1,000 points.
  6. Clutch! -- Save yourself from a sticky situation.
  7. Pew Pew! -- Fire 250 shots in one game.
  8. Extra Bomb -- Get a Bonus Bomb.
  9. What Bomb? -- Get to 300 points without using a single Bomb
  10. What Boost? -- Get 650 points without using Boost/SlowDown
CREDIT (Pew Crew)
Programmer: MightyZack
Pixel Artist: Nanners
Sound Effect: Eclipse (voice)
Music: PhatBoiJ on NewsGround!
Testers: Jah, blakfox, cyarolin, The Test Server, genius0me, Kytes
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