Verdict on All Cheater Reports

Submitted by ZackVixACD on Sun Sep 17 0:04:38 UTC 2017
Status: Rejected
This is not a report. It is a dummy input to make sure that everything is working fine and no one is complaining about it.

Good, it works. REPLIED by zackvixacd on 17-09-17

 Submitted by Somi on Mon Sep 11 14:14:34 UTC 2017
Status: Rejected
There a hr1 dude in Kusha X set

Very descriptive... It will be looked into. REPLIED by killjoy on 11-09-17
Insufficient, as they did not remain in GH long enough to be logged. Good evidence though. REPLIED by killjoy on 11-09-17

 Submitted by Kuro on Sat Aug 26 9:46:42 UTC 2017
Status: Rejected
the player with hero name's "Razor" was cheating today in MHP3rd, he used the save file from the internet
the link to the screenshot
my name was Kuro and the cheater's name was KIET and Razor

Failure... This is nowhere near enough evidence. Why are you offline using the Razor file? This proves nothing. If anything, it puts YOU in the spotlight, since we now know that YOU have the file. Try with better screenshots next time. REPLIED by killjoy on 26-08-17

 Submitted by LightShadoW on Fri Aug 11 12:01:22 UTC 2017
Status: Rejected
I found a cheater because of his guild card, i have two screens :
I hope that you will find him and ban him.

Very good. However, we need more details. Keep us posted. REPLIED by zackvixacd on 11-08-17

 Submitted by Kurgolos on Wed Aug 9 6:04:51 UTC 2017
Status: Rejected
just reporting 2 cheaters on GH1

NASTYNAT and Jiraq

Me together with rina is finding a room and we found gh1 with NASTYNAT and Jiraq and they already posted a quest "Rise to Summit" (Slay Akantor) then as soon as akantor showed up, the quest is successfully done! even without us drinking our cold drink!

This 2 players always play together and I think they both use cheat.

I cant find they on discord I just saw their nicks on MHFU

I will again try to investigate and show some scr

Hi, Thanks for reporting. NExt time bring screenshot and we will insta-insta ban him/her right away. REPLIED by zackvixacd on 10-08-17

 Submitted by Dainishi on Sun Aug 6 19:02:28 UTC 2017
Status: Rejected
HR 5 Have Ukanlos GS.
Hunter name Ryumao, ppsspp name samuelkg4

This repoprt place should be have screenshot uploader.

This is rejected because there are no screenshot attached to your post. The cheater's info has been recorded, but next time, upload your image to imgur then provide us with the link. Thanks for the report. REPLIED by zackvixacd on 07-08-17

 Submitted by Bubbzies on Thu Aug 3 13:52:05 UTC 2017
Status: Rejected
IGN Bernice Mixed set of End game gear a completly un focused cat and clearly no understanding of the actual equipment they were using Seems to have cheated materials into their save and used whatever they liked

All cheating reports must have a link of the image proof attached here. I will reject this now since you can't provide the proof. -- Ostarion REPLIED by ostarion on 03-08-17

 Submitted by Zack on Sat Jul 29 3:33:17 UTC 2017
Status: Rejected
GreatHunter22 was cheating today in MHFU; we were in GH2 about 15 minutes ago. I believe he was using a save file from
Here is the link to my screenshot :
Here is the link to the GH status page:
My name was BadAssHunter and my friend's name was KickAssBoomer.

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