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Submitted by jhef24 on Wed Nov 8 16:54:23 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted

I would like to ask for your approval to authorize me to use other vpn so that I can connect my openvpn to play mh3rd. The country (UAE) that I'm am now is blocking me to make a good connection on openvpn. so please just for now make a exception for my case.
Can you please come to the discord channel and stop using this box? REPLY by zackvixacd on 08-11-17

 Submitted by Reia on Fri Nov 3 12:20:44 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted
Other request from our PMs
A !roll command : Rolls a dice.
Could be used for all kinds of stuff.
Okay I added that. !proto roll REPLY by zackvixacd on 06-11-17

 Submitted by Reia on Fri Nov 3 12:17:26 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted
From our private chat:
A !where @Someone
(Shows which country a player is from)
I will look into doing that. REPLY by zackvixacd on 06-11-17

 Submitted by Ostarion on Fri Nov 3 6:24:54 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted
add "Don't use temporary email to register ye dumb fuck, we're not gonna spam you with porn subscription offer" to the instruction.
LMAO! No one will read it anyways. REPLY by zackvixacd on 03-11-17

 Submitted by Dusty Uncle on Thu Nov 2 6:43:40 UTC 2017
Status: Accepted
HunsterVerse's first logo contest!

1. A member of HunsterVerse should submit only one logo. Anyone can join regardless of their rank in the Discord chat.

2. The contestants win based on community votes. Each person on the Discord can only vote once. The votes shall be displayed on the HunsterVerse's main page.

The Contest Proper:
The contest will take the span of a month where every month, there will be a new logo.

Week 1: Submission Period - At the end of the week, there will be a deadline.

Week 2: Voting Period - This is where Zack publicly uploads the logo submissions on the HunsterVerse site for voting.

Week 3-4: Winner Announcement - The winner will be announced and featured and they will be the one to decide what the next logo theme will be.

Theme for the first contest: "GIT GUD!"
Good idea REPLY by zackvixacd on 02-11-17

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