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HunsterMonter! FAQs/Contact us/Suggestion Page

Note: For HunsterVerse FAQ/Contact/Suggestion, use the HunsterVerse Drop down menu!

That means Frequently Asked Questions ... but those here aren't frequently asked; they are just asked.

Why this site?
Clearly to help Huntas and Monstas not to fail Quest. Yes Monstas also phail quest. But if you haven't noticed it yet, it is for the lolz.

Why this hunstermonter.net?
because you need net to capture monsters.

Is this a troll site?
Okay. Follow me on this one. This is a troll; This is a site. Do we look like a troll site? >:/ No!

This site is a bit too much to the left
It is windy in here... and YOU'RE too much to the left.

These Tips Suck!!
Sorry, but that's Tip #60

Some Tip # are missing
Read this Tip

I read your tips, but I cannot Winz.
Reread them again.

I have reread your tips but I still phail.
Damn. You really suck!! >:( hopefully our "partners" can help you: Lol! Nvm, we have outlasted all of them!
Gg! no re!

They said you almost stole the design of bash.org.
What are you talking about? Even if we looked at the site, we looked at the source code, there is no way we could have stolen or copied bash.org >:( . Take the example of Hunter Blade; it looks like Monster Hunter©, sounds like Monster Hunter© even plays like Monster Hunter© but is NOT Monster Hunter©.

OMG!! Comics now? Where the hell did you learn how to draw?
Yes comics now. And this is no ordinary drawing. This is art!!! that's why you are having trouble admiring it ;) but yeah, take a look at it here again.

Where did you get the comics idea?
I (we) have had it for a long time now, and when I (we) were about to implement the page, we found out that some other ubber people were already doing things like that. Some of their unfortunately anonymous work is here. We invite them to contact us for the lolz :)

Alright, so how often do you update your comics?
Every now and then.

Is there any admin on this site? Can I apply?
Well, no. This site is user driven, meaning that quotes will be automatically removed if their score reaches a very negative number. There are a few measures put in place to make sure that bots aren't doing the bulk of the action. But again, even if they did, we will probably not care that much. Also we are way to lazy to write an admin panel stuff >:/

Whom does this site belong to?
Well, everyone. But I think ZackVixACD has something to do with it.

Comments? Questions? Suggestions

Is there a secret here?
No. This is not a secret. (*

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