Hi Hunster! HunsterVerse went through some major updates and migration.
You will need to come to discord (click here) to update your certificate!
Come to the #bot-commands channel and type  !c hv2.0cert . We are generating new certificates! Come join us on Discord!

Registrations are now open! Patapon Players, Welcome to HunsterVerse!

TheHackerMan To-do List

Are you wondering what the hackerman is doing? Well, here you can find out.
    Currently being worked on
  • Add Secrets to the site (*
    To be worked on
  • Add forums
    Done Tasks
  • --September 2022--
  • !c avatar command _should_ now work with the user's ID
  • Added !c droprates [MonsterPart] for FU.
  • added the commands !c isf1, !c isItWednesday, and !c F1Wednesday that will all show when F1 Wednesday is happening and/or how long until it ends.
  • Users who left the discord right after activating their account and join back at a later will have some skeleton roles restored.
  • !c wt command now shows Materials and weapon rarity
  • Fixed QuestBoard for MHXX. It only took 40 years!
  • Allowed Long Key Quests to be printed in Embed to avoid flood.
  • Fixed a bug that would not show and autoclean !c aq posted in F1.
  • Updated randomhunt command with Quest Info given by Jely.
    Randomhunt now has a cooldown of 10 minutes to avoid people re-rolling to get the hunt they want.
  • Migrated HV to a new Provider.
    Updated most software to their newest release.
    Patched various bugs
    Fixed various potential vulnerabilities.
  • --July 2022--
  • !c userprune command now autodeletes output by bot after 3 seconds
  • Added another discord scam killer
  • --June 2022--
  • Prevented certain words with an abusing connotation from being typed in through the use of homoglyphs and accents
  • --May 2022--
  • Improved !c wtree command. If the game is not provided, the command will default to the channel game.
    Additionally, weapon sharpness bar was increased on the site and Purple sharpness color was changed to match the ingame color
  • Fixed an issue that prevented HV plat to be awarded to art challengers
  • Increased Toxic role mute time multiplier
  • Updated Discord Bot Spam catcher
  • Fixed a bug in the weapon tree display that will sometimes hide branches of a tree
  • --April 2022--
  • Fixed an issue that would make the GH command to show "no players" when some weird ass, non-standard, UTF-8 characters would be used.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could occur when user sent commands to the bot via DMs
  • Updated Rule 2 ban trigger because of all the idiots (especially in the Portuguese channel) using the N-word as a play thing
  • Implemented !crowdmod command for crowd sourcing moderation
  • --March 2022--
  • fixed a bug in the weapon tree that will sometimes make it not show the Para effect and values
  • Fixed an issue with mute command bypassing hierarchies.
  • Cleaned up last few bugs related to the migration from Python to JavaScript
  • To help the NewBy with the welcome Boss Battle. Bot will now verify their welcome message on edit as well as on new message.
  • Migrated HV Bots from Python and discord.py to my own written JavaScript library. A massive decrease in memory consumption is seen.
  • Updated !c userPrune command so that messages no older than 2 days could be deleted.
  • Tweaked the way the bot mutes users with the T-virus role using certain words. Now for each "toxic" word used by T-virus users, the total mute time will be increased by 5 minutes.
  • Muted users can now check how much time is left until they get unmuted with the !c unmutetime command. Command should be used in HunsterVerse Direct Messages (DMs)
  • Fixed a bug with the !c mq command where the wrong number of hunters would show.
  • --February 2022--
  • Updated emote to kutkuboi <:kutkuboi:947223715618381834>
  • Fixed a bug where the HV Connected Trophy would unlock multiple times.
  • User created voice channels no longer need to be actively "prolonged". User voice channels will get automatically deleted only after the channel has been inactive for some time.
  • Challenges passed at 0kay lvl or n00b lvl can now be passed with the !c okaychallenge and !c noobchallenge command. N00b players can finally pass HV Challenges with Passes purchased at the store.
  • Fixed an issue where the bot would prompt a user to fix their certificate. Bot will only tell user to do a certfix if:
    1. The user has an account on HV and
    2. Their cert is older than the date the cert configuration was updated.
  • Added a hidden feature where NTR is _technically_ possible in the HV Valentine Event.
  • Fixed a bug where the Bot would wrongfully say that a person already confessed to you.
  • Added a few Easter Eggs to the HV Valentine Event
  • Fixed an issue that made the bot trigger an auto response multiple time in the support channel.
  • Updated Commands regarding HV Valentine Event.
    !c reject @Person to reject an individual confession.
    !c lovelist @person|nick to check someone else's love list. nick does not need to be pingable.
  • Introduced HV Valentine Event. Event will go on every year from Feb 14th to March 1 (as long as HV is alive). Goal is to have fun by making couples using !c confess @User, !c accept @User. Couples get Bonus HVCoins when a !c ty is used in their halls
  • Implemented an easy to increase the list of T-virus trigger words. Same method was implement to easily deploy counter-scam measures.
  • Users with the T-Virus role will now be muted for 15 minutes upon using certain words.
  • Updating the length of time user warnings are used in the Automute system from 3 months to 6 months. This means a user warnings will be on display for 6 months starting from the day the warning was issued. Note: Warnings stay in the system forever.
  • Fixed an issue with the usage of certain commands that take into account members' hierarchy on certain commands.
  • RoleGiver will now send a warning message to new users in gathering the first time they send a message there. Message will display in the channel and via DMs. This is to ensure that newcomers know what to expect from that particular channel.
  • Added a few more admin metrics
  • Decreased the number of channels a user with the T-virus role can participate in.
  • As an experiment, the !c avatar command will send its reply via private message. Users can then choose to repost the image in a channel of their choice. This way, Clyde (Discord Bot) will filter out nsfw avatars. It will also reduce !c avatar spams.
  • Doubled the chances of getting HV Plat with !c ty from 1/10000 to 2/10000. Problem.png
  • Added ability to increase user create voice channels user limit with !c vc set_max 10 . User voice channels can now be deleted almost as soon as the command !c vc delete is used
  • Updated account transfer to make sure user warnings are transferred to the new account
  • Pipped updates/bug fixes from the HV website directly into a discord channel.
  • --December 2021--
  • Added HV Unmute as a store item
  • Wrote a Discord Library in NodeJs to move away from Python and to keep things as simple as possible
  • added Ways of reducing spams server-wide and specifically in hunting channels
  • --July 2021--
  • Users on certain PPSSPP versions with the SYN flood bug will be automatically disconnected from HV. A notification will be sent to them in the support channel.
  • increased how far back GH logs are kept to better catch cheaters.
  • --June 2021--
  • Added Another Custom Icon to the store. Icon costs 48k HVCoins and can be purchased only if user has Custom GH Icon. Endgame grinding right there.
  • Added a !c myflair command to allow users to easily flex their GH Icons.
  • Fixed an issue that would drop some relayed connections
  • Tried a simple scam filter
  • Weekly Challengers can now purchase n00b lvl and 0kay lvl passes
  • Two slots are now available for Icons purchased at the store
  • Implemented Store Discount for Nitro Boosters. Thanks Epic Games, very cool.
  • Clean the Reward/Punishment of Cheater Points
  • New icon added for HV Staff
  • Login token is now on a separate message block for mobile users.
  • --May 2021--
  • Added a link to Bobbo's BASS Browser Armor Set Search to HV
  • --April 2021--
  • Deployed a relay network as a means to avoid VPN block by some ISPs
  • --March 2021--
  • Introduced Lobbies A, B, and C. Users can switch lobbies by typing !c lobby set [A|B|C]. There is now enough lobby for 3x24x4 players
  • a Deployed HV New web desgin
    b Released Weapon tree. Weapon tree is viewable on Discord as well
  • Reviewed and improved the mute system. Also added a self mute option
  • --February 2021--
  • New command !c food has been added for FU food recipes. Works well with typos from user inputs.
  • added the ability to filter online gh by MH Games, Patapon, and Other games
  • Fix an issue where F2 players will be thrown in with FU players due to the game using the same SSID. Users can no longer abuse that problem and farm fake internet coins KekW
  • Generalized display of TopXXX on Discord via function abstraction.
  • !vote2kick can now be used with PPSSPNick or DiscordID
  • --January 2021--
  • Made GH print on discord more compact by using description and fields names in the json embed
  • HVinventory is now shown as Embed. It makes it look prettier.
  • Allowed Users to set their Icons and colors purchased at the store
  • Icons purchased at the HV Store and certain effects are now shown in Discord via the commands !c sq, !c mq, !c mygh, !c peek
  • Currency Update
    I have updated how you earn HVPlats . Now you earn HVPlats as follows:

    1. 1 HVPlat = every 20k HVcoins above 50K HVCoins
    2. 1 artpoint = 0.01 HVPlat check <#405454720329711616> (points have already been awarded for earned art points)
    3. Each Unique Challenge = 0.015 HVPlat check <#396939432193949698> (Points have already been awarded for past challenge completion)
  • Updated GH Status page to show flairs bought from the store. GH also now uses flex. Old GH page is still accessible
  • HV Store Updates.
    1 Updated how Store Coupon is calculated
    2 Balanced out some Store Price items
    3 Refunded users based on new Coupon Calculation
  • Balanced out and updated descriptions of certain items in the HVStore
  • Released HVStore. Very few bugs needed to be fixed, but overall launch was okay.
  • Fixed an ~~bug~~ feature where GH will be shifted to the next game when any other game's GH is full.
  • Consolidated a few roles. To save role space
    HV Spook 2018--2020 is now HV Spook and will be achievable every Spooktober.
    HV Xmas 2018--2020 is now HV Xmas and will be achievable every December.
    Users who previously had the Spook 20XX and Xmas 20XX Roles have been assigned HV Spook and HV Xmas.
  • Updated !vote2kick Now TrueQuestOwners will not be able to get kicked out of their Gathering Hall. This feature can serve as GH reservation. A proper GH reservation system will be put in place Soon (TM).
  • Fixed an issue where users could submit their c ty command at the same time and abuse/exploit it to get HVFP and reduce their cooldowns. Nice exploit! The fix involved artificially desyncing the commands. There is still a 1/1000 chances it could happen, but if it does, good on them.
  • --December 2020--
  • Optimized a few back-end code. Snapshot and Trophy sync is now orders of magnitude faster.
  • Extended vote2kick ability. Now users can vote2kick outside of GH provided they have been in said GH for some time.
  • Created a command to revoke access to NSFW channels to certain users even if the users have the NSFW role.
  • Deployed AutoMute system tied to the warning command. User will be automatically muted/banned based on the rules outlined in our rule-info-faq
  • Implemented HV warn command that can be used by mods.
  • Updated Trophy 23 to make it slightly difficult to achieve.
  • Updated the donation page to list all available perks
  • Fixed an issue where certain scheduled tasks would be delayed by some time. This was an issue with time synchronization between a few servers
  • Expanded light moderation team from language channels to lfg channels. (Agents, Deputies)
  • Created a command to remove specific user comments. Command can only be used by the moderation and light moderation team.
  • Created endpoint for partner servers to ban users who were caught cheating. Patapon Ban has now been implemented
  • --November 2020--
  • Implemented a way for HV System to mute users and delete their messages based on certain message contents.
  • --October 2020--
  • created the !c choose or !c pick command. This is the first in many steps to remove our dependency on outside bots.
    Example usage is: !c pick donate A, donate C | donate F | donate H .
  • Fixed an issue on the Damage Calculator where images wouldn't be embedded properly.
  • Updated GH Page so that longer nickname would not unnecessarily increase the table widths. Yes, flex divs will be used soon (tm)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented future quests from being displayed in Discord.
  • Fixed an issue that turned overdrive mode on by default. Please donate to actually unlock it. Thanks to user Tyrant#7218 for reporting the bug.
  • --September 2020--
  • The !freegh or !c freegh command now works on F1 and Citra
  • Fixed a bug that make the use of the !c peek in F1 return an error. !c peek command now works for F1 Gathering Halls.
  • Added Overdrive Bonus to HVFP. Overdrive bonus is as follows:
    a Overdrive Bonus unlocks when the donation goal is reached.
    b Overdrive Bonus applies +5 HVFP to the "Daily" Bonus. This stacks with HV Events such as HV Birthday, Spooktober, Xmas, etc...
    c To check if OverDrive is on, simply type !c overdrive
    d Keep on Donating. YeahBoi.png
  • !gh command can now be used in F1 hunting channel. The command will only return the F1 Gathering hall and not anything else.
  • Mute and unmute logs now have link to the message. This allows mods to easily pinpoint reason a mute happens.
  • Added the !c hvupdates command allowing users to see the latest update/patches/etc... made to HunsterVerse. Update list is shown on Discord.
  • Added time spent playing other games to users !c mynolife and !c morewhois commands
  • For the admins: added information about when and if a cert was resent, or fixed and sent to a user.
  • Restricted suggestions in #suggestion-ideas channels to message that adhere to a certain format. If that format is not met, message will be deleted and a pm will be sent to sender. Staff and Staff Helper are immune to that rule.
  • Performed too many improvements over the last 2 years (date since last reported update on the website) to detail out 😛 . New commands have been added, new items for community involvement have been added etc... I was simply too lazy to report updates here.
  • Improved HV Discord bot communication with Discord API. Added a few checks to avoid being rate limited
  • Revamped sign up process to remove spams, user errors, and potential system abuse.
  • Implemented an easier way to record done tasks. Updates will be shown on the site or on discord
  • --August 2018--
  • Introducing the !c peek command to see who is in a particular Gathering hall.
  • --July 2018--
  • Restrict usage of spammy commands to only gaming channels
  • Added Support for OpenTTD
  • Made it so that IOS/Android/WebOS devices can navigate better on the site
  • Move HV Login from Experimental server to main server
  • Added running stats in #welcome channels to see how difficult it is to agree to the rules
  • Setting up ground for a better weapon tree
  • --June 2018--
  • Moving some bots to deamon system
  • Updated Hall of fames
  • Tagged Challenge Entries to user profiles
  • Tagged Training video entries to user profiles
  • --Month of May 2018--
  • Released Training School Competition
  • Introduced token login as a back up way of logging in
  • Any game hosted on HV can now be integrated in the GH!
  • GH support for Patapon, MGPWS, and Terraria
  • Users can now login on the site
  • Released automatic Trophies!
  • Released HV Guild Card!
  • Added a command !c party MessageThat pings party members currently in GH with a message
  • --Month of April 2018--
  • Fixed bug where QuestBoard would read GH in "High" and remove "FU" from other words
  • QuestBoard adds freeGH in case user forgets to provide GH
  • HunsterMonter:Globe is now almost a thing Problem.jpg
  • HunsterLinker bot now makes the IRC channel relevant in case of downtimes.
  • --Month of March 2018--
  • Added command for top HV coopers
  • Started implementing a wrapper for discord API for easier feature addition and bot interaction with users
  • Introduced shorthand commands for !proto. Now user can type !c
  • Introduced HV Friendship points: get awarded points for Jolly Co-op \[T]/
    • +1pt for posint on QuestBoard (can only get this once every hour)
    • +3 for using the !proto thank you command. It thanks all the people who hunted with you
    • +3 for receiving a thank via !proto thank you
    • +5,8,10 for completing HV Weekly Challenge
    • Can be used to unlock HV Trophies
  • added !proto myQuest command that shows one's quest
  • Emotes posted on QuestBoard can now be seen on the site
  • Bug Fix: QuestBoard works in F1. Fixed bug where user will appear as not in GH and so won't be able to post quests
  • FutureQuest now stay 15 minutes past their time
  • New and Improved QuestBoard is back! and QuestBoard Menu added
  • Added Notifications for news.
  • Added command for mods to addCheaters
  • Added Tools tab
  • Fixed RoleGiver
  • Improve on some security flaws
  • Patched up a few things to avoid bandwidth abuse
  • --Month of February 2018--
  • Proto command to check HV connection
  • Naming Game created
  • Moved Server & increased Bandwidth
  • Created Damage calculator for F1 and FU
  • --Month of January 2018--
  • !proto commands passes in room id and author id
  • Added !proto keyquests command to show the keyquests
  • !whois command can be used on someone who is no longer online
  • Fixed RoleGiver bug where roles would be added and removed. Discord api was the problem
    Use instead: replace_roles and add_roles
  • Revamped the whole signup process to make it go through the Discord Server
  • Added HunsterVerse Discord Integration for easier feature use and deployment
  • Added dynamic titles to all the pages instead of the generic ones
  • Vote2KillTool hopefully now works. Now avoids using local ips and use https
  • --Month of December --
  • Added custom 404/401 pages
  • Added Night and Day Mode to the site
  • Discord Hall of Fame is now updated. New Policy, challenge lasts 1 week after it's been announced or 3 days after first submission, whichever is later
  • Whole site is now on https protocol
  • GH ghost are automatically cleaned up every 3 minutes
  • Some Jquery addition in some places
  • Special Users are now decorated in the Online GH.

  • Level 3 mods can now unban from Admin Panel
  • Limited number of Ads viewed by users
  • Bots can now be rebooted from Admin Panel
  • God Eater Burst, Patapon 2, Patapon3 are allowed
  • Supporters and mods are now glowing in the GH status page
  • Introduced AdsTerVerse (Ad supported GH) to generate revenue
  • Added various levels of Admin Panel (Level 1 through 3)
  • Introduced the !freegh command that shows freegh
  • Added bitcoin donations. Donate 1 bitcoin plz
  • Added HunsTerria and various roles to reduce pings
  • --Month of November --
  • Added Welcome requirement for people on Discord
  • Introduced !proto command that can now make developing bot commands much faster.
    • !proto roll: roll
  • -- Week of October 8th --
  • Added JQuery to GH page to make FireFox not hick up when refreshing
  • Server Status or is now added
  • Donor Leaderboard is now added to thank the people who help us with costs
  • Make users able to submit "ban messages" (messages shown on the site when someone is banned)
  • -- Week of October 1st --
  • Leaderboard is now live (shows who is the most lifeless on HunsterVerse)
  • Site cleanup: Sorting Requests and Cheaters by type
  • Vote to Kick for Spot Snipers and Invaders (Released and waiting for feedback)
  • -- Week of September 25th --
  • We are now keeping track of Online playtime (accurate to within 10 minutes) starting 09/27/2017
  • Remove redundant counts of bans in admin panel
  • Prevented Zalgo texts to show in gh status page.
  • Added donation meter
  • Made server more secure
  • added !activity bot command (now players can see how active a game is in the last XX time).
  • Thought out ways to make new bot command development faster
  • -- Week of September 18th --
  • Added Privacy note
  • Cleaned up the admin panel a bit by adding sections and clock for ban tracking
  • Moderators can now allow additional sign ups for people who have a valid reason
  • Tested backbone for Vote to Kick
  • Added more statistics to see active users
  • Reduce white spaces on top of website
  • Starting using iptables and fix some banning issues
  • Added PPSSPP nick ban. If nick is still default, ban time go from 5,10,20,40,... until user changes his/her nick. An email is sent to user with instructions.
  • Fixed some navigation items on the site
  • Added anchor to team page
  • -- Week of September 11th --
  • A little redesign of the website to make the n00bs and kids know that this is not an informational
  • Change the look of the site so that n00bs and simple-minded people don't think it is a "sketchy" site
  • Moderators tutorials and resources
  • Certain games are now allowed to be played on HunsterVerse if requested nicely by users
  • Introducing TEMP and Silent bans for the mods
  • -- Week of August 28th --
  • Made HunsterVerseBot be less spammy about its "Did you know?". Now bot posts every 500 lines.
  • Automatic daily System Back-up to make rebuilding HunsterVerse easy in case of crash/hack/deletion
  • -- Week of August 21st --
  • Added "Graced IP" in case IP check returns false positive for proxies or VPNs
  • Admin panel now shows ban stats for mods (which mod has banned most people, for the lolz)
  • Admin panel also automatically shows ban stats for current and previous month
  • Mods can now whitelist certain IPs to remove false positive.
  • Ban countdown is now shown in Admin Panel
  • -- Week of August 14th --
  • HunsterVerse bot now gives a "did you know?" message every 4 hours
  • Banned people now received an email about their bans
  • Time stamp of bans is now shown with more details in Admin Panel
  • -- Week of August 7th --
  • Ghosts can be killed no matter how silly their nicks are
  • Updated PPSSPP settings shown on the website
  • Some locations have their bans automatically increased to 8 weeks
  • Certain IPs can now be white-listed IF there is a good reason why
  • Insta-Insta ban enabled by default. Admins can swiftly ban people. Default ban is now 4 weeks, no complaining.
  • Courtesy email is now sent to banned people
  • Site displays when ban will be removed
  • -- Week of July 24th --
  • Admins can now review and give a response to cheater reports
  • Changed the Look of the Private Chat sent by QuestBoard
  • Made it easier for me to Reply to Features/Bug requests
  • Logs can now be searched
  • Bans can be sorted by Auto-System or by admins
  • Made the link given by HunsterVerseBot look better
  • Added Cheater Report link to website (this way players can report cheaters with proof)
  • HunsterVerse bot now delivers Welcome messages
  • Enhanced Proxy/Bad IP detection for signups
  • Added Instant Ban LVL0 (break cheater's connection) and LVL1 (Ban from HunsterVerse) without server Reboot.
  • Added logs to Admin panel to be able to catch past cheaters
  • Increased GH max for F1 to 10. The coloring of the GH has also been updated
  • Date and Game played are automatically appended to bans
  • MHF2 will appear in the GH status page only when there are people playing it
  • Increase GH status page font-size for our friends who need glasses :P
  • Enabled UTF-8 characters to be shown so that all other languages will be rendered correctly
  • Admin Can now see all Previous HunsterVerse bans
  • When Banning a user, admin will have to pick the reason why the user is being banned;
    the increase in the numbers of steps to ban will prevent "accidental bans"
  • -- Week of July 16th --
  • Fixed a bug in the Signup process where some permissions might be given to make more than 1 account, but permission would be denied
  • Updated Sites logo alongside Brazuka and Xenthos
  • Updated Feature/Bug page to be able to sort submissions by accepted/rejected/all/not yet reviewed
  • Added automatic Reply to new comers who are less than two hours old and are still asking for instructions on how to play
  • Made QuestBoard bot scan messages to pick up when users are asking for quests
  • Made Admin able to ban GH Ghosts an easier way
  • --- Week of July 9th ---
  • Make the use of QuestBoard more intuitive
  • Suggestions/Bug Submission
  • Secret Bot: QuestBoard
  • Improve HunsterVerse Sign up page to make sure people have their correct emails
  • Fixed bug in RoleGiver Bot where it would remove roles
  • Add some lol messages to the pages people will see when they are banned
  • Increase HunsterVerse capabilities to 1023 players.
  • --- Before July 9th ---
  • Block VPN access to avoid people circumventing bans.
  • Security: More configuration to make brute force attacks less likely
  • Weekly Challenges Submission.
  • Make HunsterVerse available.

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