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TheHackerMan To-do List

Are you wondering what the hackerman is doing? Well, here you can find out.
    Currently being worked on
  • Have HunsterVerse Lobby B automatically available when we reach a maximum of 100 users in GH
  • Translate Pages for our international users
  • Add Secrets to the site (*
    To be worked on
  • MHF1/MHP3rd Weapon Tree
  • Add forums
    Done Tasks
  • --January 2021--
  • Icons purchased at the HV Store and certain effects are now shown in Discord via the commands !c sq, !c mq, !c mygh, !c peek
  • Currency Update
    I have updated how you earn HVPlats . Now you earn HVPlats as follows:

    1. 1 HVPlat = every 20k HVcoins above 50K HVCoins
    2. 1 artpoint = 0.01 HVPlat check <#405454720329711616> (points have already been awarded for earned art points)
    3. Each Unique Challenge = 0.015 HVPlat check <#396939432193949698> (Points have already been awarded for past challenge completion)
  • Updated GH Status page to show flairs bought from the store. GH also now uses flex. Old GH page is still accessible
  • HV Store Updates.
    1 Updated how Store Coupon is calculated
    2 Balanced out some Store Price items
    3 Refunded users based on new Coupon Calculation
  • Balanced out and updated descriptions of certain items in the HVStore
  • Released HVStore. Very few bugs needed to be fixed, but overall launch was okay.
  • Fixed an ~~bug~~ feature where GH will be shifted to the next game when any other game's GH is full.
  • Consolidated a few roles. To save role space
    HV Spook 2018--2020 is now HV Spook and will be achievable every Spooktober.
    HV Xmas 2018--2020 is now HV Xmas and will be achievable every December.
    Users who previously had the Spook 20XX and Xmas 20XX Roles have been assigned HV Spook and HV Xmas.
  • Updated !vote2kick Now TrueQuestOwners will not be able to get kicked out of their Gathering Hall. This feature can serve as GH reservation. A proper GH reservation system will be put in place Soon (TM).
  • Fixed an issue where users could submit their c ty command at the same time and abuse/exploit it to get HVFP and reduce their cooldowns. Nice exploit! The fix involved artificially desyncing the commands. There is still a 1/1000 chances it could happen, but if it does, good on them.
  • --December 2020--
  • Optimized a few back-end code. Snapshot and Trophy sync is now orders of magnitude faster.
  • Extended vote2kick ability. Now users can vote2kick outside of GH provided they have been in said GH for some time.
  • Created a command to revoke access to NSFW channels to certain users even if the users have the NSFW role.
  • Deployed AutoMute system tied to the warning command. User will be automatically muted/banned based on the rules outlined in our rule-info-faq
  • Implemented HV warn command that can be used by mods.
  • Updated Trophy 23 to make it slightly difficult to achieve.
  • Updated the donation page to list all available perks
  • Fixed an issue where certain scheduled tasks would be delayed by some time. This was an issue with time synchronization between a few servers
  • Created a command to remove specific user comments. Command can only be used by the moderation and light moderation team.
  • Created endpoint for partner servers to ban users who were caught cheating. Patapon Ban has now been implemented
  • --November 2020--
  • Implemented a way for HV System to mute users and delete their messages based on certain message contents.
  • --October 2020--
  • created the !c choose or !c pick command. This is the first in many steps to remove our dependency on outside bots.
    Example usage is: !c pick donate A, donate C | donate F | donate H .
  • Fixed an issue on the Damage Calculator where images wouldn't be embedded properly.
  • Updated GH Page so that longer nickname would not unnecessarily increase the table widths. Yes, flex divs will be used soon (tm)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented future quests from being displayed in Discord.
  • Fixed an issue that turned overdrive mode on by default. Please donate to actually unlock it. Thanks to user Tyrant#7218 for reporting the bug.
  • --September 2020--
  • The !freegh or !c freegh command now works on F1 and Citra
  • Fixed a bug that make the use of the !c peek in F1 return an error. !c peek command now works for F1 Gathering Halls.
  • Added Overdrive Bonus to HVFP. Overdrive bonus is as follows:
    a Overdrive Bonus unlocks when the donation goal is reached.
    b Overdrive Bonus applies +5 HVFP to the "Daily" Bonus. This stacks with HV Events such as HV Birthday, Spooktober, Xmas, etc...
    c To check if OverDrive is on, simply type !c overdrive
    d Keep on Donating. YeahBoi.png
  • !gh command can now be used in F1 hunting channel. The command will only return the F1 Gathering hall and not anything else.
  • Mute and unmute logs now have link to the message. This allows mods to easily pinpoint reason a mute happens.
  • Added the !c hvupdates command allowing users to see the latest update/patches/etc... made to HunsterVerse. Update list is shown on Discord.
  • Added time spent playing other games to users !c mynolife and !c morewhois commands
  • For the admins: added information about when and if a cert was resent, or fixed and sent to a user.
  • Restricted suggestions in #suggestion-ideas channels to message that adhere to a certain format. If that format is not met, message will be deleted and a pm will be sent to sender. Staff and Staff Helper are immune to that rule.
  • Performed too many improvements over the last 2 years (date since last reported update on the website) to detail out 😛 . New commands have been added, new items for community involvement have been added etc... I was simply too lazy to report updates here.
  • Improved HV Discord bot communication with Discord API. Added a few checks to avoid being rate limited
  • Revamped sign up process to remove spams, user errors, and potential system abuse.
  • Implemented an easier way to record done tasks. Updates will be shown on the site or on discord
  • --August 2018--
  • Introducing the !c peek command to see who is in a particular Gathering hall.
  • --July 2018--
  • Restrict usage of spammy commands to only gaming channels
  • Added Support for OpenTTD
  • Made it so that IOS/Android/WebOS devices can navigate better on the site
  • Move HV Login from Experimental server to main server
  • Added running stats in #welcome channels to see how difficult it is to agree to the rules
  • Setting up ground for a better weapon tree
  • --June 2018--
  • Moving some bots to deamon system
  • Updated Hall of fames
  • Tagged Challenge Entries to user profiles
  • Tagged Training video entries to user profiles
  • --Month of May 2018--
  • Released Training School Competition
  • Introduced token login as a back up way of logging in
  • Any game hosted on HV can now be integrated in the GH!
  • GH support for Patapon, MGPWS, and Terraria
  • Users can now login on the site
  • Released automatic Trophies!
  • Released HV Guild Card!
  • Added a command !c party MessageThat pings party members currently in GH with a message
  • --Month of April 2018--
  • Fixed bug where QuestBoard would read GH in "High" and remove "FU" from other words
  • QuestBoard adds freeGH in case user forgets to provide GH
  • HunsterMonter:Globe is now almost a thing Problem.jpg
  • HunsterLinker bot now makes the IRC channel relevant in case of downtimes.
  • --Month of March 2018--
  • Added command for top HV coopers
  • Started implementing a wrapper for discord API for easier feature addition and bot interaction with users
  • Introduced shorthand commands for !proto. Now user can type !c
  • Introduced HV Friendship points: get awarded points for Jolly Co-op \[T]/
    • +1pt for posint on QuestBoard (can only get this once every hour)
    • +3 for using the !proto thank you command. It thanks all the people who hunted with you
    • +3 for receiving a thank via !proto thank you
    • +5,8,10 for completing HV Weekly Challenge
    • Can be used to unlock HV Trophies
  • added !proto myQuest command that shows one's quest
  • Emotes posted on QuestBoard can now be seen on the site
  • Bug Fix: QuestBoard works in F1. Fixed bug where user will appear as not in GH and so won't be able to post quests
  • FutureQuest now stay 15 minutes past their time
  • New and Improved QuestBoard is back! and QuestBoard Menu added
  • Added Notifications for news.
  • Added command for mods to addCheaters
  • Added Tools tab
  • Fixed RoleGiver
  • Improve on some security flaws
  • Patched up a few things to avoid bandwidth abuse
  • --Month of February 2018--
  • Proto command to check HV connection
  • Naming Game created
  • Moved Server & increased Bandwidth
  • Created Damage calculator for F1 and FU
  • --Month of January 2018--
  • !proto commands passes in room id and author id
  • Added !proto keyquests command to show the keyquests
  • !whois command can be used on someone who is no longer online
  • Fixed RoleGiver bug where roles would be added and removed. Discord api was the problem
    Use instead: replace_roles and add_roles
  • Revamped the whole signup process to make it go through the Discord Server
  • Added HunsterVerse Discord Integration for easier feature use and deployment
  • Added dynamic titles to all the pages instead of the generic ones
  • Vote2KillTool hopefully now works. Now avoids using local ips and use https
  • --Month of December --
  • Added custom 404/401 pages
  • Added Night and Day Mode to the site
  • Discord Hall of Fame is now updated. New Policy, challenge lasts 1 week after it's been announced or 3 days after first submission, whichever is later
  • Whole site is now on https protocol
  • GH ghost are automatically cleaned up every 3 minutes
  • Some Jquery addition in some places
  • Special Users are now decorated in the Online GH.

  • Level 3 mods can now unban from Admin Panel
  • Limited number of Ads viewed by users
  • Bots can now be rebooted from Admin Panel
  • God Eater Burst, Patapon 2, Patapon3 are allowed
  • Supporters and mods are now glowing in the GH status page
  • Introduced AdsTerVerse (Ad supported GH) to generate revenue
  • Added various levels of Admin Panel (Level 1 through 3)
  • Introduced the !freegh command that shows freegh
  • Added bitcoin donations. Donate 1 bitcoin plz
  • Added HunsTerria and various roles to reduce pings
  • --Month of November --
  • Added Welcome requirement for people on Discord
  • Introduced !proto command that can now make developing bot commands much faster.
    • !proto roll: roll
  • -- Week of October 8th --
  • Added JQuery to GH page to make FireFox not hick up when refreshing
  • Server Status or is now added
  • Donor Leaderboard is now added to thank the people who help us with costs
  • Make users able to submit "ban messages" (messages shown on the site when someone is banned)
  • -- Week of October 1st --
  • Leaderboard is now live (shows who is the most lifeless on HunsterVerse)
  • Site cleanup: Sorting Requests and Cheaters by type
  • Vote to Kick for Spot Snipers and Invaders (Released and waiting for feedback)
  • -- Week of September 25th --
  • We are now keeping track of Online playtime (accurate to within 10 minutes) starting 09/27/2017
  • Remove redundant counts of bans in admin panel
  • Prevented Zalgo texts to show in gh status page.
  • Added donation meter
  • Made server more secure
  • added !activity bot command (now players can see how active a game is in the last XX time).
  • Thought out ways to make new bot command development faster
  • -- Week of September 18th --
  • Added Privacy note
  • Cleaned up the admin panel a bit by adding sections and clock for ban tracking
  • Moderators can now allow additional sign ups for people who have a valid reason
  • Tested backbone for Vote to Kick
  • Added more statistics to see active users
  • Reduce white spaces on top of website
  • Starting using iptables and fix some banning issues
  • Added PPSSPP nick ban. If nick is still default, ban time go from 5,10,20,40,... until user changes his/her nick. An email is sent to user with instructions.
  • Fixed some navigation items on the site
  • Added anchor to team page
  • -- Week of September 11th --
  • A little redesign of the website to make the n00bs and kids know that this is not an informational
  • Change the look of the site so that n00bs and simple-minded people don't think it is a "sketchy" site
  • Moderators tutorials and resources
  • Certain games are now allowed to be played on HunsterVerse if requested nicely by users
  • Introducing TEMP and Silent bans for the mods
  • -- Week of August 28th --
  • Made HunsterVerseBot be less spammy about its "Did you know?". Now bot posts every 500 lines.
  • Automatic daily System Back-up to make rebuilding HunsterVerse easy in case of crash/hack/deletion
  • -- Week of August 21st --
  • Added "Graced IP" in case IP check returns false positive for proxies or VPNs
  • Admin panel now shows ban stats for mods (which mod has banned most people, for the lolz)
  • Admin panel also automatically shows ban stats for current and previous month
  • Mods can now whitelist certain IPs to remove false positive.
  • Ban countdown is now shown in Admin Panel
  • -- Week of August 14th --
  • HunsterVerse bot now gives a "did you know?" message every 4 hours
  • Banned people now received an email about their bans
  • Time stamp of bans is now shown with more details in Admin Panel
  • -- Week of August 7th --
  • Ghosts can be killed no matter how silly their nicks are
  • Updated PPSSPP settings shown on the website
  • Some locations have their bans automatically increased to 8 weeks
  • Certain IPs can now be white-listed IF there is a good reason why
  • Insta-Insta ban enabled by default. Admins can swiftly ban people. Default ban is now 4 weeks, no complaining.
  • Courtesy email is now sent to banned people
  • Site displays when ban will be removed
  • -- Week of July 24th --
  • Admins can now review and give a response to cheater reports
  • Changed the Look of the Private Chat sent by QuestBoard
  • Made it easier for me to Reply to Features/Bug requests
  • Logs can now be searched
  • Bans can be sorted by Auto-System or by admins
  • Made the link given by HunsterVerseBot look better
  • Added Cheater Report link to website (this way players can report cheaters with proof)
  • HunsterVerse bot now delivers Welcome messages
  • Enhanced Proxy/Bad IP detection for signups
  • Added Instant Ban LVL0 (break cheater's connection) and LVL1 (Ban from HunsterVerse) without server Reboot.
  • Added logs to Admin panel to be able to catch past cheaters
  • Increased GH max for F1 to 10. The coloring of the GH has also been updated
  • Date and Game played are automatically appended to bans
  • MHF2 will appear in the GH status page only when there are people playing it
  • Increase GH status page font-size for our friends who need glasses :P
  • Enabled UTF-8 characters to be shown so that all other languages will be rendered correctly
  • Admin Can now see all Previous HunsterVerse bans
  • When Banning a user, admin will have to pick the reason why the user is being banned;
    the increase in the numbers of steps to ban will prevent "accidental bans"
  • -- Week of July 16th --
  • Fixed a bug in the Signup process where some permissions might be given to make more than 1 account, but permission would be denied
  • Updated Sites logo alongside Brazuka and Xenthos
  • Updated Feature/Bug page to be able to sort submissions by accepted/rejected/all/not yet reviewed
  • Added automatic Reply to new comers who are less than two hours old and are still asking for instructions on how to play
  • Made QuestBoard bot scan messages to pick up when users are asking for quests
  • Made Admin able to ban GH Ghosts an easier way
  • --- Week of July 9th ---
  • Make the use of QuestBoard more intuitive
  • Suggestions/Bug Submission
  • Secret Bot: QuestBoard
  • Improve HunsterVerse Sign up page to make sure people have their correct emails
  • Fixed bug in RoleGiver Bot where it would remove roles
  • Add some lol messages to the pages people will see when they are banned
  • Increase HunsterVerse capabilities to 1023 players.
  • --- Before July 9th ---
  • Block VPN access to avoid people circumventing bans.
  • Security: More configuration to make brute force attacks less likely
  • Weekly Challenges Submission.
  • Make HunsterVerse available.