Pew Game 0.2.5 β © HunsterVerse | LeaderBoard and Replays: here

Sound: Off On
LeaderBoard: Off On
Music     0 100
SFX     0 100
Start Game | Mode: Classic Nanners Replay | Remap Keys
WASD: move R: reload (hold)
P or V: shoot
B or N: use bomb (clears all bullets).
SHIFT: move fast.
ESC: Pause the game and show Options.

Game Objective: Shoot bullets, don't die. Number of Active Bullets = Number of Points. Ricocheting bullets can do weird things. Close calls with bullets while reloading = more points.

GCGC: The Good Cheap Game Company
Concept, Coding, etc: MightyZack
Super High Tech Sound Effect: Eclipse's voice
Pixel Arts: Nanners
Music: PhatBoiJ on NewsGround!
Testers: cyarolin, Nanners, The Test Server, genius0me, BlakFox, Jah, Kytes

If you are a Mobile User add this game to your Home screen, and Launch it from there!

Controller Support! Press any button on your controller!
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