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The HunsterVerse Circle

The HunsterVerse community (and different partners) is growing. The HunsterVerse community is now present on these different platforms :). Join us wherever we are and come have fun.
More on the HV Circle
  1. •↠ HunsterVerse website: This is the place you are now. You can sign up to play, read tips and much more.
  2. • Discord: Discord is our primary mode of communication. Most of the community is located there. We organize hunts. Come join us on discord there.
      → These are the other Discord Servers associated with HunsterVerse
    1. • Patapon 2 & 3: Here
    2. • Question Block Gaming: Here
  3. • Twitter: For quick updates about the site and probable downtimes. Follow HunsterVerse on Twitter Here.
  4. • /monhun/ on 8ch.net is the official HunsterVerse board for a more permanent discussions (Shit posting is okay!). Come join the discussion Here
  5. • Patreon for the generous Hunters who would like to support us. Support us on Patreon Here.
  6. • Youtube where Weekly challenge summary and other videos are posted. Subscribe to the channel Here.
  7. • Twitch: The HunsterVerse twitch is a place mainly for the love of Monster Hunter, however, we welcome all games that honor the spirit of what it means to a hunter. Join us here.