Hi Hunster! HunsterVerse went through some major updates and migration.
You will need to come to discord (click here) to update your certificate!
Come to the #bot-commands channel and type  !c hv2.0cert . We are generating new certificates! Come join us on Discord!

Registrations are now open! Patapon Players, Welcome to HunsterVerse!

HV Training School Time and Point Ranking

Compete with others to show your best points and fastest time you got on the training quests. The top player of a category for at least two weeks gets a special trophy!
Click on the "Show/Hide" option to see a submission video. Please report to the HV Staff if you think someone is cheating. That person will get deducted 1,000 HVFP!!
To submit your own, click Here (You must be logged in and have more than 102 HVFP).