Streamer Resources

Streamer's Guidelines
Our streamers help our community grow. We thank you for that!
To get the streamer's tag on Discord, you must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. 1) You have to have had a history of streaming. Specifically, you have to have streamed a game for at least 1 hour in the last 30 days.
  2. 2) To maintain your HunsterVerse streamer's tag, you have satisfy the following requirements:
    1. a) Stream Monster Hunter while playing on HunsterVerse at least Once a month
    2. b) Put a Link to HunsterVerse on the description of your video and/or in the Title
    3. c) Bonus: If you want, you can pick from the list of HV logos here (see below)
  3. 3) If you stream Monster Hunter while playing on HunsterVerse more than twice a week, we will give you the ability to kick any unwanted hunters who join your stream.

HunsterVerse Logos

Use any of the logos/icons/images listed below if you would like to include something about HunsterVerse on your stream. Thank you!

Right-Click then Save as. Crop Images as needed