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HunsterVerse Weekly Challenge!

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Introducing: HunsterVerse Weekly challenges
  • Make fun memories!
  • Stupid challenges that are fun!
  • Mess around in game and in discord!
  • but if you cheat? you outta here boi
hunting record times will be the main will be the main contender with video evidence as proof.
Every submission will be featured here and the winner will be Entered in the HunsterVerse Hall of Fame!
This Week Challenge (06/19/2017) -- Challenge I
Hunt a Low Rank Monster with Stone, Boomerang, Punch and Kicks only! You can even try Paintballs and throwable items.
MHF1 and MHFU: Yian Kut-Ku
MHP3rd: Honey Bear
Submit your videos to our Discord mods or to z ack vix a c d @ gma il. com

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