Hi Hunster! HunsterVerse went through some major updates and migration.
You will need to come to discord (click here) to update your certificate!
Come to the #bot-commands channel and type  !c hv2.0cert . We are generating new certificates! Come join us on Discord!

Registrations are now open! Patapon Players, Welcome to HunsterVerse!

HunsterVerse Linux Sign up

HunsterVerse Registration

Warning: you might not receive your certificate if you use a temporary email!

Email: This is where your certificate will be sent. CHECK THE EMAIL!
Username: Pick a Username (preferably the one on Discord)

Note: You can use your certifcate on all your devices!

Meaning One certificate will work on PC/Mac/Android/Iphone! If you already signed up, please reuse your OpenVPN certificate on your other devices.

HunsterVerse Rules: Absolutely No Cheating/Hacking.
This means:
  1. No linking or downloading of illegal material (on the site and on discord)
    • Get your own copy of Monster Hunter Freedom, Monster Hunter Freedom 2, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, or Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and back it up on your machine.
  2. No save file downloads and sharing
    • Reason: It is more legit to play and HunsterVerse has a lot of players willing to help.
      Note: Transferring PSP save files to PPSSPP is okay!
  3. No armor hack / item hack
    • Example 1: HR1 with HR9 gears or changes in item rarity in order to share it with other players.
    • Example 2: Hunter or cat with hacked attack/defense
    • Reason : Only scrubs do that. Fun in MH is the farming and the satisfaction of getting items the regular way
  4. Custom Quests (CQ) are allowed under certain conditions
    1. CQ are allowed if drop rates is the same as in-game and are from the monster being fought. If in doubt, send custom quest to moderators for a check.
    2. Quests that give "dummy" items from Japanese MH are okay!
  5. Game speed up is okay under certain conditions
    1. Game speed up is okay in offline mode and to gather/farm items offline.
    2. Game speed up is not-okay when playing online because it causes erratic behavior of monster, and you will break off.
  6. *)To be considerate of others and for convenience purposes your PPSSPP nick should be changed to your Discord nick.

    Please read This. NOTE: YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CONNECT IF YOUR PPSSPP nickname is left as "PPSSPP".

  7. Common sense rule:
    If whatever you are doing ruins or undermines the online experience of others, you are probably breaking the rules.

  8. Non-MH Games are not allowed without permission from Zack.
    As Zack himself pays for the server, any game you wish to play has to go through him first. He is a nice guy. All you need to do is ask.
Summary: If you want to keep on playing on HunsterVerse, do not cheat. It is as easy as that.
If you cannot stop yourself from cheating, then do not play on HunsterVerse.
If you break any of these rules, you will get banned

Do you agree?
I have read and I agree to follow the rules
I do not know how to read and I will leave this option because I don't want to play

Note: Your certificate is to be used by you and only you. Please behave appropriately and responsibly. HunsterVerse will not route your connection; it will only establish P2P connection with others. We reserve the right to remove your certificate from HunsterVerse. Please read the Privacy note here.
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