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HunsterVerse/HunsterMonter Privacy Notice

  • Summary of HunsterVerse/HunsterMonter Privacy Policy
    HunsterVerse/HunsterVerse will never share your email address and/or IP addresses with any third party entity. HunsterVerse/HunsterMonter does not and will not collect user data for advertising purposes. Please donate so that we don't get corrupted.
    Your connection, while playing via HunsterVerse, is only P2P (Player to Player) meaning that your main Internet traffic and/or browsing is not and will never be routed through us. The only traffic that is directed through us is the one needed to establish and keep your P2P connection. If you are looking for a VPN service for Internet browsing, please look elsewhere.

  • What do you record and why?

    Email address: We record and keep user email address. Email is our sole method of contacting our users when
    a) the certificate is sent to them and
    b) they are made aware of a ban.
    Your email will not be used for anything not HunsterVerse related. We hate spams too.

    IP address: Your IP address at sign up and when connecting to HunsterVerse is also recorded. This is to avoid multiple certificate creation from users who intend to abuse the system. By default, any proxies and any other VPN services are blocked from creating accounts.
    The current IP you use to connect to HunsterVerse is also recorded for at most 48 hours because
    a) your IP address is needed to connect you to other players and
    b) It is used to confirm the identify of cheaters who will be banned.
    Note: Cheaters IP addresses are kept in our record for an indefinite length of time until they are unbanned.

  • Will HunsterVerse Hack Mah Computer and steal all my pr0n??!?!? Waaaaah!!!

    Note: this question has been asked quite a lot by users.
    HunsterVerse is built upon OpenVPN. This is a free open source project. You can look for more details about OpenVPN here. You can look at the source code if you are paranoid enough.
    Note we link directly to the main OpenVPN website in our step by step tutorial. Additionally, we probably have better pr0n than you do AND your computer probably doesn't have anything of interest to us.
    However, we strongly recommend that, after adding PPSSPP as an exception to your firewall rules, you turn on your firewall. When you are done using HunsterVere, disconnect your PC from it.

Last Updated: 09/23/2017