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GH Status Current: 133 | MH Players: 125 | Max Today: 136 | All Time Max: 172 on 2020-10-24
Unique Players today: 907 | P3: 451 | FU: 442 | F1: 14

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Type !gh in #bot-commands to see the gh status.
Type !c p YOUR_MESSAGE to send message to your party.
Type !c mygh to see people in your GH.
Type !c aq YOUR_QUESTINFO to add a quest on the questboard.
Type !c thanks to thank the players you played with and earn some HV Friendship points.
Type !c vote2kick PPSSPPNICK to kick an unwanted guest in your GH. Try to contact that person first!.

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GH#Status Hunters
GH014/4F3F1, ElGauchox, RoryMercuryBest Girl1, Chunchunmaru...
GH024/4xxshynzuxx, Kazami, joshua02, ViniiciusRL
GH034/4SicoPass, Bxteblack, weez-e, Rogerinho
GH044/4kohacu, Wantheo, Not_found, Aditya
GH054/4wochmoch, Dragonkin, MH hunter, SATANI
GH084/4Danu, Reimi, Bangdreyy, Alvis
Quest: blos and nibba blos
GH093/4Enyer, zLeitoSlowSlow, DSUM
GH112/4victorwest, ¥//!W
GH123/4Mariana, devyjhones, JDior
GH132/4Vitaum, liga2k
GH144/4Akashi, TioLusga, MhunterX, dunha
GH152/4cheddar, crubiel
GH162/4CHECHEMILcK380, Ricks
GH182/4Zeref7442, Jheremylos
GH192/4Mendoza16, Volteos
GH202/4luis11 [Ghost], Angel
GH224/4Asmodeus, Ajibka, Mogazumi, Revers
Quest: ukanlos
Total of 56 hunters
2 in Training School
GH#Status Hunters
GH014/4Alex, eldajous, TOMPSON FERREIRA, Lander
GH024/4Dubu, xxnosborxx, SEREEEEEENNAAA, ElyMakzil
Quest: huntsu
GH034/4joaquinn3, Elnoobpro, njdidnfkech, Eljoselo5551
GH062/4Camel, Tenchou
GH073/4Grey33, Chepe86, Felix77
GH083/4NPC, NPC2, razieltt
GH102/4neithandaa, ManuPm01
GH112/4Lpon, Zarch
GH12 0/4  
GH152/4Kore3618A, Kore3618A
GH164/4Brian, s29, Albarexo, MoyatronX
GH172/4aron, louisgi27
GH184/4leirbagterra, crazy, niygger, Yin Yang Emulator
GH193/4Draketh, Zack Wolf, emperador
GH204/4Slay, Nova, Thanos, NIKO5199
Quest: akantor
GH214/4PanzerWalker, Bondrewd, DalCimaius, illa
GH222/4AngelX6, Elmanzo3
GH234/4brunoohunter, ManoNinja, Imperador Demor, DroiDJV
GH245/4Forgerie, Moi6, Xtellian, El Migue, Cenok
Quest: Kick
Total of 60 hunters
0 in Training School
GH#Status Hunters
GHA6/10PSP D BIRAL, Lussu128, Zeus, Draculestia, BryanPC, Akayashia (Akaya & Yashia)
Total of 6 hunters
MH Citra (Welcome new players!)
GH5000 0/4
GH5001 3/4 Claire, DryPuddle, hamborg
Quest: Charm Farm
GH5002 0/4
GH5003 0/4
GH5004 0/4
GH5005 0/4
GH5006 0/4
GH5007 0/4
GH5008 0/4
GH5009 0/4
Total of 3 hunters

Online [7] arciel, mamba, BleesKing, vanix25, ShellingDragoon, Fry, ElManolasF

-- [GH1] 4/4: F3F1, ElGauchox, RoryMercuryBestGirl1, Chunchunmaru...
-- [GH2] 4/4: xxshynzuxx, Kazami, joshua02, ViniiciusRL
-- [GH3] 4/4: SicoPass, Bxteblack, weez-e, Rogerinho
-- [GH4] 4/4: kohacu, Wantheo, Not_found, Aditya
-- [GH5] 4/4: wochmoch, Dragonkin, MH hunter, SATANI
-- [GH8] 4/4: Danu, Reimi, Bangdreyy, Alvis
@@@[GH9] 3/4: Enyer, zLeitoSlowSlow, DSUM
++ [GH11] 2/4: victorwest, ¥//!W
@@@[GH12] 3/4: Mariana, devyjhones, JDior
++ [GH13] 2/4: Vitaum, liga2k
-- [GH14] 4/4: Akashi, TioLusga, MhunterX, dunha
++ [GH15] 2/4: cheddar, crubiel
++ [GH16] 2/4: CHECHEMILcK380, Ricks
++ [GH18] 2/4: Zeref7442, Jheremylos
++ [GH19] 2/4: Mendoza16, Volteos
++ [GH20] 2/4: luis11 [Ghost], Angel
'''[GH21] 1/4: Dovahkin
-- [GH22] 4/4: Asmodeus, Ajibka, Mogazumi, Revers
'''[GH23] 1/4: Bari
56 hunters! 2 in Training School
-- [GH1] 4/4: Alex, eldajous, TOMPSON FERREIRA, Lander
-- [GH2] 4/4: Dubu, xxnosborxx, SEREEEEEENNAAA, ElyMakzil
-- [GH3] 4/4: joaquinn3, Elnoobpro, njdidnfkech, Eljoselo5551
++ [GH6] 2/4: Camel, Tenchou
@@@[GH7] 3/4: Grey33, Chepe86, Felix77
@@@[GH8] 3/4: NPC, NPC2, razieltt
++ [GH9] 2/4: LOCKII1, LEOZIN
++ [GH10] 2/4: neithandaa, ManuPm01
++ [GH11] 2/4: Lpon, Zarch
++ [GH15] 2/4: Kore3618A, Kore3618A
-- [GH16] 4/4: Brian, s29, Albarexo, MoyatronX
++ [GH17] 2/4: aron, louisgi27
-- [GH18] 4/4: leirbagterra, crazy, niygger, Yin Yang Emulator
@@@[GH19] 3/4: Draketh, Zack Wolf, emperador
-- [GH20] 4/4: Slay, Nova, Thanos, NIKO5199
-- [GH21] 4/4: PanzerWalker, Bondrewd, DalCimaius, illa
++ [GH22] 2/4: AngelX6, Elmanzo3
-- [GH23] 4/4: brunoohunter, ManoNinja, Imperador Demor, DroiDJV
-- [GH24] 5/4: Forgerie, Moi6, Xtellian, El Migue, Cenok
60 hunters! MHF (US/EU/JP)
@@@ [GHA]6/10: PSP D BIRAL, Lussu128, Zeus, Draculestia, BryanPC, Akayashia (Akaya & Yashia).
6 hunters!
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