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Chat/Quote #267 +(20)-
ffha: I just installed a virus on my computer. It spammed pop-ups with naked ladies in them. I think I'm gonna go open it again.

Chat/Quote #264 +(-13)-
<KazeNurite>: What're some good google chrome extensions?
<Ryuko>: firefox

Chat/Quote #224 +(-28)-
<Cleric> i was on a friend's file and i threw a masterball at one of the elite 4's pokemon
<ZackVixACD> you wasted his masterball lol
<Cleric> he was soooo pissed
<Cleric> i was like... hmmm... catches anything eh

Chat/Quote #156 +(-19)-
<Prime223> Brutal Legend is epic
<SoulG> Butt love is also epic
<Prime223> soulG no.....
<SoulG> It is. Wanna try?
<Prime223> :/ wtf no
<SoulG> aww
* LittleFox has joined #socb
<LittleFox> Do
<LittleFox> do do do do

Chat/Quote #36 +(0)-
Croda: I'm bored
Jask: me too.
Jask: Wanna fuck shit up?
Croda: yes btw