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Chat/Quote #333 +(-1)-
can i use HV for play anothers online games on ppsspp besides MH?

Chat/Quote #331 +(-11)-
<Angus Blanchard (Welcome Bot)> Whats your ppsspp nick?
<kinto38(kinto/aiko)> it is version is 1.4.2

Chat/Quote #320 +(23)-
(Betaray) I'm kinda bored, any idea of something to watch or anything?
(HunsterBot_) Hey BetaRay!
(HunsterBot_) Beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta!
HunsterBot_) Please all of you, help me MAKE BETARAY ALPHA AGAIN! IT IS GONNA BE HARD BUT WE CAN.
(HunsterBot_) Please all of you, help me MAKE BETARAY ALPHA AGAIN! IT IS GONNA BE HARD BUT WE CAN.
(HunsterBot_) Please all of you, help me MAKE BETARAY ALPHA AGAIN! IT IS GONNA BE HARD BUT WE CAN.
(Betaray) there can't be an "again" because I never was
(leeor_net) I'm slightly confused.
(Betaray) just roll with it
(leeor_net) I can do that

Chat/Quote #318 +(-3)-
<Betaray> my dad just called asking me how to disabled his popup blocker, I asked him what browser he is using and he said "google or yahoo"
<Betaray> god damnit

Chat/Quote #316 +(51)-
ZackVixACD: Yes, the great Zack himself is back
Laverden: oh man
Laverden: Zack!
ZackVixACD: Yes!
CreepyRpg: oh man zack is here
CreepyRpg: lets get out
CreepyRpg: >:(

Chat/Quote #267 +(19)-
ffha: I just installed a virus on my computer. It spammed pop-ups with naked ladies in them. I think I'm gonna go open it again.

Chat/Quote #265 +(-21)-
<ZackVixACD>: DUMP
<Seamus>: Thanks for sharing, Zack

Chat/Quote #264 +(-11)-
<KazeNurite>: What're some good google chrome extensions?
<Ryuko>: firefox

Chat/Quote #263 +(25)-
*** HotGamerMum quit (Quit: To hell with you gays!)

Chat/Quote #262 +(25)-
HotGamerMum: the navi in the forums change too
ZackVixACD: the navi?
ZackVixACD: navigation?
Ryuko: HEY
HotGamerMum: yup
***TheSeraph stabs Ryuko

Chat/Quote #261 +(15)-
[HotGamerMum] "I'm never having kids. I hear they take 9 months to download."

Chat/Quote #259 +(28)-
<TheSeraph> Cleric is hiding his boobs
<TheSeraph> don't worry, not telling ;)
* Cleric squeezes them together
<Cleric> Come and get 'em.
<Cleric> ;)
* ZackVixACD has quit (Client exited)

Chat/Quote #258 +(28)-
<&tm10> In Philosophy everyone and their mother has their own take on different words.
<Mr_Popo> wouldnt their mother be included in "Everyone"?
<&tm10> Women aren't people, you idiot.

Chat/Quote #257 +(37)-
<Ryuko>: According to my girlfriend, only gay people can teleport.
<Cleric>: How does that work?
<Ryuko>: idk
***Cleric turns gay
<Cleric>: I still can't teleport
<Ryuko>: well she's obv wrong
<Cleric>: Tell her that. >:/
***Cleric turns back

Chat/Quote #256 +(4)-
* Jesus has quit (Ping timeout)
<Arayu> lol Jesus timed out.
<Halcyon> He will be back in 3 days

Chat/Quote #255 +(30)-
Arayu: Maybe if I get Pants pregnant I'll get laid. :o

Chat/Quote #252 +(5)-
Jask: My penis
ZackVixACD: I like that one'
Jask: Who wants it.
ZackVixACD: kind of good one

Chat/Quote #251 +(5)-
<Nya> Real men are having sex right now!

Chat/Quote #250 +(31)-
<Ryuko>: Dude, this an amazing idea: Build a structure that spans the entire equator, then knock out the supports so that it floats above the surface of the planet. People get on at one point, the earth rotates under them, and they get off somewhere else.

Chat/Quote #248 +(3)-
<Anon>: yeah, if you rape them and they end up enjoying it, that's called unrape

Chat/Quote #245 +(11)-
*** ShotaBot|AHP!Adalet@3DADEEA9.C7C2E5EF.14E6DA79.IP kicked ZackVixACD from the channel: I'm TIRED of these MOTHER FUCKIN' ZACKVIXACD"s on my MOTHER FUCKIN' CHOO CHOO TRAIN. Fuck shit nigger damn cunt.

Chat/Quote #243 +(8)-
<ZackVixACD>: my friend plugged in his 360 after couple of months, and guess what happened?
<KazeNurite>: RRoD
<Arayu>: It RRoD'd?
<KidImposter>: RROD
<ZackVixACD>: yeah
<KazeNurite>: lololol
<Seamus>: I was gonna guess that it burst into flame.

Chat/Quote #241 +(31)-
***Xlol glomps Reid, Vesuvius, Bot, Shirt, GeneStarwind, Frogore, Golgaman, Mandabear, mib_reuhc7, Mr_Popo, nosrevelk, Quel, Raviente, Soft, Venocx, and ZackVixACD
<Xlol>: :D
<ZackVixACD>: nick spamming?
Xlol left the room (quit: Quit: night Reid Vesuvius Bot Shirt GeneStarwind Frogore Golgaman Mandabear mib_reuhc7 Mr_Popo nosrevelk Quel Raviente Soft Vesuvius ZackVixACD).

Chat/Quote #239 +(8)-
<me>: I break my dry spells with some ultimate mega fapping xD

Chat/Quote #238 +(27)-
Frogore: For all we know there could be a raid on the WIKI and not the chat. Picture waking up tomorrow and there be gay dinosaur sex gifs on every page

Chat/Quote #237 +(-9)-
<Cleric> omg... my connection just fixed itself
<Ryuko> yay?
<Ryuko> wait, does that mean that your connection is the world's first self aware self sustaining ai?
<Cleric> i think so
<Cleric> go optus
<Cleric> decent speed!
<KidImposter> it's a lie
<Cleric> i might watch a youtube video!
<KidImposter> it's faking it
<Cleric> you try telling it that
<Cleric> it'll probably kill you and take over the world
<Cleric> D= it's reading everything we say!
<Cleric> we're doomed
<Ryuko> unplug it
<Ryuko> it'll die
<Cleric> I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Ryuko.
<Ryuko> sup HAL
<Cleric> World Domination.

Chat/Quote #236 +(-3)-

Chat/Quote #232 +(-2)-
<giascle>: Silly Microsoft, no one cares if the upgrades could make it more powerful than the Pentagon. Unless it looks new, it is inferior.
<Nymous>: I heard they are gonna add a new and more powerful RROD...

Chat/Quote #231 +(-23)-
<Ichiro>:"The Xbox 360 was designed for a long life, and I dont even know if were at the midpoint yet."
<Ichiro>: Long life... Yet many died already...

Chat/Quote #229 +(-1)-
***thraadash facepalms
***SexyG buttpalms

Chat/Quote #224 +(-26)-
<Cleric> i was on a friend's file and i threw a masterball at one of the elite 4's pokemon
<ZackVixACD> you wasted his masterball lol
<Cleric> he was soooo pissed
<Cleric> i was like... hmmm... catches anything eh

Chat/Quote #223 +(-18)-
<ZackVixACD> some fucked up bots keep on doing shit on hunstermonter. I don't want to build a kaptcha because I don't want users to be slowed down by it when they submit shit, and i don't want to hold submissions because I want the chat quotes to go online right away >:/ Grrr!!! and the builders of those bots think I am stupid and am using BBcode or I am even enabling Html codes.
<Cleric> hmmm... should i watch jaws 2?
<HotGamerMum> why your site?
<ZackVixACD> I don't know :/ I don't even think it is that popular. I mainly have it for my own entertainment >:/
<HotGamerMum> weird
<Cleric> c'mon... of course it's popular, i've posted a couple of things on there
<Cleric> i've probably posted more on there than i have on the forums... ever
<ZackVixACD> lol
<ZackVixACD> Now I need to think of a way of getting rid fo them. Obviously ip bans isn't the way to go as they are changing those
<Cleric> double murder suicide?
<ZackVixACD> look at this shit?
<ZackVixACD> double murder suicide?
<Cleric> yeah, why not
<ZackVixACD> okay, that's what I will do. I will have to use myself as admin and not let quotes go online yet.
<Cleric> ouch
<ZackVixACD> what's double murder suicide?
<Cleric> that'll be time consuming
<Cleric> when you kill 2 people and kill yourself
<ZackVixACD> oh
<ZackVixACD> alright, or I will do that. I will enable proxy blocking like I had before.
<ZackVixACD> I only disabled that because of thraadash >:/

Chat/Quote #200 +(21)-
MumsWrath_ is now known as MumsWrath
* MumsWrath is now known as Guest29224
* Guest29224 is now known as MumsWrath_
* MumsWrath_ is now known as MumsWrath
<DragoValhar> Uh oh, Kids bot got broke.
* MumsWrath is now known as Guest38695
* Guest38695 is now known as MumsWrath_
* MumsWrath_ is now known as MumsWrath

Chat/Quote #199 +(-30)-
MonthOLDpickle: heh my GF got me a wedding ring
DarkCobraSK: <.<
Seamus: She's dropping hints, Mop.
Seamus: Run

Chat/Quote #197 +(5)-
BaltoTheSeaman: so she told me "I know why you are doing this. You just want to get in my pants and do it with me", and I look straight in her eyes with the most serious romantic look and reply "You are wrong. I want to do get in your pants more than once"

Chat/Quote #196 +(-12)-
Popo|AHP: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Popo|AHP left the room (Kicked by MumsWrath (Letter repeats detected, do not use excess consecutive letters. (25+ consecutive f's) :: - Banned - 42)).
HotGamerMum: kid, leave that alone
Jask: I do too, Dash
HotGamerMum: i want that

Chat/Quote #195 +(-13)-
KidImposter: !google is gone
KidImposter: niggerfuckshitdamn

Chat/Quote #194 +(-34)-
<Popo|Thinking>: i have a question
<Popo|Thinking>: if dumbledore was gay
<Popo|Thinking>: would that mean that snape is guilty of a hate crime?

Chat/Quote #193 +(19)-
<Ryuko>: Obviously, video games are at fault here. They failed to teach this kid how to disarm a drunk knife-wielding nanny."
<DragoValhar>: He didn't play enough assassins creed
<DragoValhar>: counter that bitch and stab her in the neck
<ZackVixACD>: yeah, he should have presses his built-in R1+Square at the right moment

Chat/Quote #191 +(-4)-
[11:21] <Cleric> stop molesting our guests soul... wait til AFTER they're asleep
[11:22] <SoulG> But I didnt do a thing!
[11:22] <thraadash> You said "hello".
[11:22] <thraadash> God enough.
[11:22] <thraadash> HAHAHAHAHAHAA
[11:22] <SoulG> Yes, Im god

Chat/Quote #190 +(-4)-
[11:14] <Ace_Demon> hello
[11:15] <SoulG> Hello
[11:16] <-- Ace_Demon has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[11:17] <Cleric> that was quick
[11:18] <thraadash> He knew who the real demon was.
[11:18] <thraadash> And left quickly.

Chat/Quote #184 +(-14)-
<Jaded> I wear the skirt in the relationship :D

Chat/Quote #183 +(-11)-
[15:37] <KazeNurite> Well stop humming what your humming.
[15:38] <KazeNurite> And sing hooker like a penis.
[15:38] <KazeNurite> HOOKER LIKE A PENIS

Chat/Quote #181 +(-10)-
(09:50:25 PM) MonthOLDpickle: I am watching the civil war on ESPN HD
(09:50:28 PM) MonthOLDpickle: crystal clear hehe
(09:50:49 PM) GC|Homework: they had video cameras during the civil war?

Chat/Quote #180 +(-6)-
Jask: I'm a capricorn... I masturbate... shit, I do do goats.

Chat/Quote #179 +(-4)-
(09:12:51 PM) HotGamerMum: hi hi
(09:12:57 PM) HotGamerMum: why are you here when you are doing homework
(09:13:12 PM) GC|Homework: 'cause it's hard

Chat/Quote #178 +(-34)-
<AdmiredFob> I'm really lazy to train
<ZackVixACD> train in real life?
<AdmiredFob> no, train in pokemanz
<ZackVixACD> oh man :/
<ZackVixACD> I have wasted so much precious time doing that.
<ZackVixACD> could have been fapping all that time

Chat/Quote #173 +(-15)-
[17:40] <@Corona>Who wore a cabbage leaf under his cap?
[17:40] <~Biscuit> DUNNO
[17:40] <sososcary> johnny appleseed
[17:40] <Mr_Popo> babe motherfucking ruth
[17:40] <@Corona> Here's your 1st hint: bab_ ____
[17:40] <~Biscuit> babe ruth
[17:40] <@Corona> Winner: Biscuit Answer: babe ruth Time:6 13. Streak:6 214 Points:6 WPM:6 Rank:1st
[17:40] <Mr_Popo> babe ruth
[17:40] <~Biscuit> ty
[17:40] <Mr_Popo> no fucking way
[17:40] <~Biscuit> srsly
[17:41] <Mr_Popo> i jsut said that randomly

Chat/Quote #172 +(-8)-
[23:55] <VioletKIRA> What is DyrimTW's Faggot hour?
[23:55] <Ryuko> im too coo for schoo
[23:55] <Mr_Popo> lol
[23:56] <Mr_Popo> his stream
[23:56] <&DyrimTW> Me streaming MH
[23:56] <Jask> It's when Dyrim streams himself singing love songs for tm10.

Chat/Quote #171 +(-17)-
[20:50] <ZackVixACD> FUCK MY CAR!
[20:52] <@Leprechaun> ask tm10, he will gladly fuck it

Chat/Quote #170 +(-5)-
<Kitsune> so sorry that you are so impatient and expect us to hold your hand. it doesent work that way.
<MinorVaginor> I thought this was #help, not #wedonthelpatall'

Chat/Quote #169 +(-8)-
KazeNurite: Whisper into Ass

Chat/Quote #168 +(-14)-
wapaloola: get kaze here to tell him some MW2 spoilers.
wapaloola: Sparks will fly.
Jaded: wapa
Jaded: unignore kaze
wapaloola: Why
Jaded: <Adalet|AFK> Hi!
Jaded: <Adalet|AFK> Tell Wapa to unignore me.
Jaded: <Adalet|AFK> >:|
wapaloola: Not until I get my MW2 kaze >=(

Chat/Quote #167 +(-30)-
Joao: Can't wait for Legend of Zelda : Spirit Tracks next month :D:D:D
Ryuko: I can >_>
ZackVixACD: wtf is that?
Ryuko: New LoZ for the DS
ZackVixACD: another Ganon-killing-Triforce-seeking-treasure-seeking game?
Ryuko: With trains!
Joao: Ahaha.
ZackVixACD: :O
ZackVixACD: well, that changes everything
ZackVixACD: I can't wait then.

Chat/Quote #165 +(-34)-
thraadash: I have opened a piece of chocolate to see lots of white little worms in it.
DragoValhar:I'd suggest buying chocolate from someone other than that guy in the windowless van down by the river.

Chat/Quote #164 +(5)-
***MonthOLDpickle fapfapdap
Jesus: dap?
Jask|cleaning: dap?
MonthOLDpickle: penis hitting the floor

Chat/Quote #163 +(-23)-
MonthOLDpickle: oh god girls
MonthOLDpickle: outside my house
MonthOLDpickle: fapfapfap
MonthOLDpickle: they aren't mormons
MonthOLDpickle: 16 year olds

Chat/Quote #162 +(13)-
Cleric: goomba + mario = kinky jumpsex
ZackVixACD: pr0n gif > pr0n vid
jfromeo: pr0n jpg > pr0n gif > pr0n vid > real pr0n
Ryuko: ascii pr0n > pr0n jpg > pr0n gif > pr0n vid > real pr0n
jfromeo: hello kitty > ascii pr0n > pr0n jpg > pr0n gif > pr0n vid > real pr0n
ZackVixACD: damn I forgot that you guys were sicker than I was.

Chat/Quote #161 +(8)-
[01:26] Ryuko: "What will Magikarp do?" GODDAMN NOTHING, LIKE USUAL.

Chat/Quote #160 +(-18)-
[02:39] Bot: [HotGamerMum] I'll cum on you in one stroke

Chat/Quote #159 +(-16)-
[HotGamerMum] PSP = Permanent Sex Partner

Chat/Quote #158 +(-6)-
<LittleFox> Is it sad that we talk about buttsecks so much that google is advertising lubricant?

Chat/Quote #157 +(17)-
<%Jecht> This hand of mine is burning red!
<%Jecht> It's loud roar tells me to grasp victory!
<%Jecht> Erupting...Jecht..Finger!!!
* %Jecht Triumphant Grasps Paladin
* %Jecht ex bursts
<%Jecht> C'mon c'mon c'mon! Let's go!
*** Jecht kicked Paladin from the channel: 9999
<Cleric> holy shit that was ovar 9000

Chat/Quote #156 +(-20)-
<Prime223> Brutal Legend is epic
<SoulG> Butt love is also epic
<Prime223> soulG no.....
<SoulG> It is. Wanna try?
<Prime223> :/ wtf no
<SoulG> aww
* LittleFox has joined #socb
<LittleFox> Do
<LittleFox> do do do do

Chat/Quote #155 +(9)-
Adalet: Save me.
Adalet: I just went to take a bite of my hamburger
Adalet: And my aunt Amber is trying to force me to say prayer.
Adalet: The atheist in me wants to scream. "GOD. IS A LOAD. OF SHIT. HE DOESN'T EXIST. AND JESUS IS DEAD."

Chat/Quote #153 +(10)-
<&thraadash> As much as some might find it amusing, I don't.
<MonthOLDpickle> ?
<&thraadash> The 2 of you will change your nicks.
<&thraadash> Now.
* HotGamerCum is now known as Mr_Popo
* Jask|grouping is now known as Jask
* Bot sets mode: +ao Jask Jask
<@Wandermeyer> I tried to tell them Mum wouldnt be amused >.>
* thraadash sets mode: +b HotSuckerMum!*@*
* HotSuckerMum was kicked by thraadash (thraadash)

Chat/Quote #152 +(-3)-
<Adalet> Hey Seamus, want a snowball?
<Seamus> No thanks, adalet
<Mudkip> Seamus, care for some teabagging?
<Seamus> Once again, no thanks.
<Adalet> Is it the coconut Seamus?
<Adalet> The consistency of the coconut? Would you just rather have.. A twinkie?
<Mr_Popo> G, want some buttsecks?
<&Jask> Don't think I've tried snowballing. Wouldn't mind trying though.
<&Jask> BJ and kissing, I get two awesome things.
<Adalet> ...
<Adalet> I meant... the.. Hostess snack.. Snowball...
<&Jask> Oh, right. I'd forgotten about those
<&Jask> Only had them once or twice
<Mr_Popo> lol
* Adalet walks away twitching

Chat/Quote #151 +(-30)-
piccolo is a yoshi

Chat/Quote #150 +(-17)-
<Work|MonthOLDpickle> I am about to upgrade my phone
<wapaloola> Everyones english dies now and then.
<&Ryuko> upgrade
<&Ryuko> how?
<light-sandy> my dad has one too... And I'm showing signs of......*shiver...
* Adalet pats sandy on the back
<wapaloola> We will help you through this difficult period, Cleric.
<Work|MonthOLDpickle> motorla clit
<Work|MonthOLDpickle> err Cliq

Chat/Quote #149 +(0)-
Work|MonthOLDpickle: motorla clit
Work|MonthOLDpickle: err Cliq

Chat/Quote #148 +(-11)-
<Mr_Popo> i plan to live on sperm bank donations

Chat/Quote #147 +(-34)-
tm10: I HAD a beard twice the beard of his beard, and no vagina around my penis because of it
tm10: And I shave my pubes, just in case I get raped.
tm10: I like to be courteous to my lovers
tm10: No one likes a bush.

Chat/Quote #146 +(10)-
ZackVixACD: THIS: is scary
ZackVixACD: try to waTCH THE whole thing, you will be like "WTF!!!!!!!!!"
DarkCobraSK: that's a guy. . .
DarkCobraSK: creppy. . .
DarkCobraSK: creepy*
DarkCobraSK: WTF o_O
DarkCobraSK: WTF >_<
DarkCobraSK: WTF WTF WTF!!!!
Prime223: Nope seems deadly.
DarkCobraSK: X_X
ZackVixACD: lol

Chat/Quote #145 +(17)-
ZackVixACD: I cooked some rice
ZackVixACD: and I am eating it.
ZackVixACD: ... wanna puke X(

Chat/Quote #144 +(23)-
Work|MonthOLDpickle: man I can't wait for kids =S
Work|MonthOLDpickle: so they can grow up and tell me they hate my guts

Chat/Quote #143 +(9)-
Jask: It's like how some people like regular milk better, and some like chocolate milk better.
HotGamerMum: breastmilk?
Jask: That totally wasn't a racial comment, Mum.
croda: no, that's an interracial metaphor jask
HotGamerMum: ...
croda: cuz margerine comes in a tub and butter is in a stick =)

Chat/Quote #142 +(-5)-
<Adalet> We're no strangers to love, you know the rules, and so do I! A commitments what I'm thinking of...
<Mr_Popo> kick him
<Mr_Popo> now
<Adalet> Rofl.
<Mr_Popo> please
<Mr_Popo> please
<Mr_Popo> please
<Mr_Popo> please
*** Bot kicked Mr_Popo from the channel: Stop flooding!
*** Mr_Popo has joined #socb
<Mr_Popo> lol
<Mr_Popo> irony
<Adalet> Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down!

Chat/Quote #141 +(-24)-
ZackVixACD: ... wow 4 people
ZackVixACD: oh wait... that's just Mr_Popo
NotJask: hurr?
NotJask: i aint that fat

Chat/Quote #139 +(29)-
<Mr_Popo> hey...
<Mr_Popo> is this mean?
<Mr_Popo> <F|ExpectingAFlood> brb watching flood happen
<Mr_Popo> <@Mr_Popo> kewl
<Mr_Popo> <@Mr_Popo> film it
<Mr_Popo> <@Mr_Popo> and send it to bis
<Mr_Popo> <asd> lol
<Mr_Popo> <@Mr_Popo> so he can put on livestream
<Mr_Popo> <@Mr_Popo> and people will watch again
* Mr_Popo was kicked by Bot (Stop flooding!)

Chat/Quote #136 +(-18)-
<Adalet> Hey WANDER
<Butthurt> inb4nigger
<Adalet> You're a fucking NIGGER.
<Jaded> Maiden > bot
* Wandermeyer sets mode: +b *!*@428E5C17.E36FE25C.14E6DA79.IP
<Kite> nice butthurt
<Kite> that was good timing
* Adalet was kicked by Wandermeyer (cool)

Chat/Quote #135 +(-4)-
*** Seamus joined #socb
19:15 Adalet: I masturbate to cats.
19:15 Mr_Popo: that doesnt really count, jask...
19:15 Adalet: Seamus enters at all the wrong times.
19:15 Mr_Popo: what a great entrance for seamus, no?
19:15 *** gackto quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
19:15 Seamus: I always pick interesting times to come in.
19:15 Jask: That's softcore, isn't it, Popo?
19:15 Ryuko: And I can imagine what seamus is thinking now

Chat/Quote #134 +(10)-
AgentFriedTofu: Jask
AgentFriedTofu: is a godly entity
Kevan: ZOMG wheres my saviour
Adalet: Sleeping, probably.

Chat/Quote #133 +(4)-
* VioletKIRA (Mibbit@C07C6C8A.35ED860C.C3F68CF4.IP) Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<&Jask> Aw. Bye bye Kira.
<&Jask> She didn't even say bye...
<@asp> byeee
<@asp> there
<@asp> I said it for her
<&Ryuko> you cant
<&Ryuko> thats like putting words in her mouth
<Mr_Popo> and we all know nobody likes having things put in their mouth
<Mr_Popo> except jask, i guess
<&Ryuko> maybe she had a reaso-
<&Ryuko> ...
<&Jask> Hey, lots of people enjoy that.
<&Jask> In the physical sense. The metaphoric sense, not many people.

Chat/Quote #132 +(-16)-
Jask: Fuck!
Jask: I lift up the toilet seat and there's a spider sitting on the edge of the bowl.
JMRV: Do you clean up your toilet?
Rensei: lol.

Chat/Quote #131 +(3)-
Zanco: what's the new best porn video on the internet now?

Chat/Quote #128 +(22)-
HotGamerMum: time for me to go sexing..
HotGamerMum: be back later
***HotGamerMum is now away: Sexing

Chat/Quote #127 +(-13)-
ZackVixACD: heya people
ZackVixACD: does anyone play guitar here?
dyudt: no
dyudt: but my brother does
dyudt: but ive been playin drums since i was like 11
ratchild: I play cd's - I used to play tapes but I'm out of practice
ZackVixACD: oh god, you are so useless :/

Chat/Quote #126 +(4)-
Jask: My throat is unhappy :(
Adalet: Then stop sucking cock.
Adalet: Deep throating is bad for your throat, Jask.

Chat/Quote #125 +(13)-
Draconoob: omg just got back from jogging...gonna die..

Chat/Quote #124 +(-4)-
SoulG: I honestly like the look of Zack
SoulG: I mean, er...ps3 slim, yeah
SoulG: PS3! I said PS3!

Chat/Quote #123 +(-8)-
EmperorKosh: fuck
EmperorKosh: my
EmperorKosh: life
EmperorKosh: ...
EmperorKosh: amen.
zhukant|laptop: Amen
Zanco: Amen

Chat/Quote #122 +(-10)-
DragoValhar: I was driving home Christmas eve, saw a church sign with "Jesus, Gods gift to man." And blatantly stated out loud. "Too bad he got returned."

Chat/Quote #120 +(25)-
DyrimTW: whos experinced with paypal?
***Ghostcat waves
DyrimTW: k some one halp
Ghostcat: you can't use it to buy porn

Chat/Quote #119 +(-3)-
tm10: Imagine she is a smarter me, who smokes a lot of pot and is really hot.
tm10: That would be her.
tm10: She is even a huge asshole.
DyrimTW: sounds like corona in woman form
aegilnet: tm10's dream girl then?

Chat/Quote #118 +(4)-
*** Jask has changed the topic on channel #socb to Emos emos everywhere, and not a drop of bloo- Oh hell, it's everywhere. Jake, get the mop!.
<Kogath> Nice
<&Jenna> Who's Jake!?
<&Jask> Eh, first name to come to my mind
<&Jask> Our janitor?
<&Jenna> Kewlio
<&Jenna> Bet he's got awesome stories.
<&Jask> I dunno if you'd call mopping up blood, sweat, lube, and semen an awesome story
<&Jenna> i would
<&Jenna> how wouldn't that be an awesome story!?

Chat/Quote #117 +(-7)-
Freakonature00: what time is it in canada now
TheSeraph: tiger time

Chat/Quote #116 +(-5)-
thraadash /whois Ghostcat | Reply from mIRC: I don't have a God Damned idea....

Chat/Quote #115 +(-1)-
*** Rapist has joined #socb.
Jask: Oh look, another Blade of the Damned!
* Rapist rapes Jask
*** Rapist has left #socb.
*** Mode change "+b Rapist!*@*" for channel #socb by Jask.

Chat/Quote #114 +(-25)-
<professa>:It's a scientific fact that asian girls can unhinge their jaws in order to swallow things twice their own size.

Chat/Quote #113 +(-17)-
samuel: lol my grandma just added me as a friend on facebook

Chat/Quote #112 +(11)-
<Rensei-HWK> plastic wrapped cheese slices such at micrp waving

Chat/Quote #111 +(-1)-
Lev: yawn is like fart for your mouth

Chat/Quote #110 +(-34)-
*** Tangerine_Chicken joined #socb
Jasky: studded kryptonite dildo
Tangerine_Chicken blinks

Chat/Quote #109 +(-13)-
[20:45] <Ninjarayu> I wouldn't sleep with a sheep!
[20:46] <Pants> That almost sounds like a slogan they've put on a really fucked up PSA.
[20:46] <Ninjarayu> This is a new PSA
[20:46] <Pants> Is it against sleeping with sheep?
[20:46] <Andra> >:|
[20:46] <Andra> lol
[20:47] <Ninjarayu> We have discovered that smoking marijuana can sometimes lead to initiating sexual intercourse with odd beings/objects, such as sheep, tables, and pillows.
[20:47] <Ninjarayu> So please, remember the saying "I don't sleep with sheep," and avoid smoking marijuana.

Chat/Quote #108 +(-6)-
<Frank>: FUCK I HAD THe worst dream last night
<Leviathan>: o rlyu
<Frank>: yeah, i dreamed that I was speaking English with a French accent
<Frank>: fuck that was horrible.

Chat/Quote #107 +(-31)-
Adalet: Pokemon is cock fighting for kids with less blood and no dead carved up chickens, and don't forget the screaming mexicans.

Chat/Quote #106 +(15)-
tututututhjf: hi answer
Sully: hi answer
wapaloola: hi answer
*** Rayle joined #socb
wapaloola: hi rayle
Sully: hi rayle
tututututhjf: hi rayle
Rayle: hey guys
wapaloola: c-c-c-combo breaker

Chat/Quote #103 +(-23)-
<MonthOLDpickle>: penis
<thraadash>: I don't get it.
<thraadash>: What's so fun about mentioning the male genital?
<thraadash>: Why not say something more soothing to the mouth, like, "Perpendicular".

Chat/Quote #101 +(-2)-
Jask: The thing about bisexuals is they'll stick their hand down a persons pants and be happy with whateeeeever they find.
ZackVixACD: it is called broadening your choice, Jask
SoulG: Or your anus
SoulG: Broadening your anus
Rensei: LOL
HotGamerMum: ....
Jask: Done that. Good times.

Chat/Quote #100 +(3)-
Nick: Youre so wrong! Lasagna and vagina dont sound alike at all!
Guy: Thats just because youre not thinking outside the box, man.

Chat/Quote #98 +(-12)-
Arayu: ROFL
Arayu: Kaze fails
Arayu: And Kaze, even if she wasn't home...
Arayu: My bro's playing CoCK4
Arayu: Err
Arayu: CoD*
Arayu: Sorry, the letters are right there.

Chat/Quote #97 +(-3)-
ZackVixACD i mean it was hard and fast
Pilot|FeelsLikeShit Like sex with Jask.

Chat/Quote #96 +(-3)-
<Jask>: Hey Wapa, you legal over there?
<wapaloola>: for sex? no
<Jask>: Know what would make it even better, Wapa? If to get there, you had gay anal sex in public in a region where gay sex is illegal.

Chat/Quote #95 +(-11)-
<Seamus>Sorry I called you a bitch yesterday, I didn't actually mean it.

Chat/Quote #94 +(-13)-
ZackVixACD: let's all stop talking until Mom goes to bed
HotGamerMum: is will not work zacky...
*** Mode change "+m" for channel #socb by Jask.
HotGamerMum: other days?
Jask: sure it will

Chat/Quote #92 +(-13)-
WeeabooMoeGirl: Onii-Chan also didn't wear protection last night!
* WeeabooMoeGirl Stomps several times and makes a cute angry face
WeeabooMoeGirl: You came in my pooper!
ZackVixACD: it is okay. it is in the pooper, you won't get pregnant
ZackVixACD: Kaze... :| I am getting scared lol
Zangpakto: X_X

Chat/Quote #91 +(21)-
[23:01:44] <hisilthur> ANSWER THE QUESTIOHN
[23:01:51] <Shinryuu> [23:00:52] <Shinryuu> THEN NO, YOU CAN'T PLAY ONLINE
[23:01:51] <hisilthur> pls
[23:01:51] <Shinryuu> [23:00:52] <Shinryuu> THEN NO, YOU CAN'T PLAY ONLINE
[23:01:52] <Shinryuu> [23:00:52] <Shinryuu> THEN NO, YOU CAN'T PLAY ONLINE
[23:01:52] <Arayu|AFK> SHUT THE FUCK UP, HIS
[23:01:54] <Arayu|AFK> WE DID
[23:01:59] <Arayu|AFK> TWENTY FUCKING TIME
[23:01:59] <Arayu|AFK> S
[23:02:01] <hisilthur> HOWWWWWWWWWWWWW
[23:02:10] <Shinryuu> GO AWAY
[23:02:13] <hisilthur> oo
[23:02:15] <Nelo> LOL

Chat/Quote #89 +(-25)-
Work|||MonthOLDpickle: what exactly is blogging
Ninjarayu: It's like writing in a girly journal
Ninjarayu: But let everyone on the internet see it
Ninjarayu: And then get really pissed when they read it.

Chat/Quote #88 +(-33)-
<Weegee> SHIT

Chat/Quote #86 +(9)-
Bot: [HotGamerMum] Q: What are girls made of? A: Pussies and bewbs to attract the dudes. Q: What are guys made of? A: Balls and dicks to con the chicks.

Chat/Quote #84 +(4)-
Zermuffin: Guys, I want you to know
Zermuffin: I don't want to be Arayu anymore.
Zermuffin: I wish to be Zermuffin
Seamus: ...why?
Kogath|MH3: Can I call you Zergmuffin?
Seamus: ^
Zermuffin: Becauze Zermuffin > Arayu
Zermuffin: No. It's just Zermuffin.
Seamus: Zergmuffin>Zermuffin
Kogath|MH3: But I like the sound of Zergmuffin...
Zermuffin: Pronounced Z-air-muff-en
Kogath|MH3: Z-urg-muff-en
Seamus: ...fuck that, you're Zergmuffin
Zermuffin: lol
Zermuffin: Okay, okay.
Zermuffin: Lurker? :D
Kogath|MH3: lol
Seamus: Eh, work your way up.
Seamus: Gotta start as a Drone.

Chat/Quote #82 +(-33)-
DragoValhar: He had some maretto Mum.. Must be some powerful shit if it made him type like that.
Seamus: amaretto...
Seamus: You must not drink much.
DragoValhar: Seamus, I dont drink, like at all.
Seamus: ...god you people suck.
ZackVixACD[QuoteMode]: tell your liver that in 20 years
Kogath|MH3: Eh, I got two of em, right?

Chat/Quote #81 +(-23)-
ZackVixACD: I see two #socb chat now
UglyGypceros: O.o
Wandermeyer: Man, and I thought you had an excuse...
Prime223: lol
UglyGypceros: It's the EVIL SOCB
ZackVixACD: :O
ZackVixACD: ah no wonder. Wandermeyer was nice to me over there

Chat/Quote #80 +(7)-
<&thraadash> PORN is a good concentration Method, Fanny.

Chat/Quote #78 +(1)-
Jask: My jizz is like cocaine. One taste and you'll do anything for me.
Jask: That was fucking horrible.
Jask: tm, kick me. I deserve it for that one
Jask left the room (Kicked by tm10 (tm10)).
Jask [] entered the room.
Jask: Thank you
tm10: np bro

Chat/Quote #75 +(-11)-
join: (Arayu|Sleep) (
(TheSeraph) first there was sleepwalking
(TheSeraph) now sleepchatting

Chat/Quote #74 +(-15)-
nick: (Mr_Popo) is now known as (LegendaryVirgin)
(LegendaryVirgin) whoops sorry
(LegendaryVirgin) didnt know i was in her sttll
nick: (LegendaryVirgin) is now known as (Mr_Popo)

Chat/Quote #72 +(-10)-

Chat/Quote #70 +(-17)-
Bot: [HotGamerMum] Q: What's Love? A: Something wonderful yet it hurts.
UglyGypceros: Wait
UglyGypceros: Bot.....
UglyGypceros: Fuck. No.

Chat/Quote #67 +(-10)-
TheRedHotAgitos: bouta say something you guys wont get but i need the translation
TheRedHotAgitos: Go fuck yourself with a spiked dildo you fucking faggot.
TheRedHotAgitos: DAMMIT
TheRedHotAgitos: didnt turn it on
Ghostcat: lol
Mizu[RftL]: Oh lawdy

Chat/Quote #66 +(-9)-
Redpug987 [] entered the room.
Redpug987: FUCK ASS FUCKS!!!!
mode (+b *!* by Jask
ZackVixACD: he is still in the room
ZackVixACD: I am waited for a very original message in your kick Jask
Morgene: He can't talk or anything
Jask: I figured I'd let him sit and watch for a short time
Redpug987 left the room (Kicked by Jask (very original)).

Chat/Quote #65 +(-11)-
**SoulG is now known as RapeG
***RapeG plays sexually with Griz
***RapeG rapes randomly at the chatters
***Andra parries the attack, and counters with Pyramid Head Buttsechs
***Jus counters Pyramid Head Buttsechs with 1 Terrabyte of tentacle pr0n
Andra left the room (Ok, I'm dying here.).

Chat/Quote #63 +(-6)-
*** Morgene joined #socb
Ghostcat: =/
Morgene: What's going on in here?
Ghostcat: sex
Morgene: Awesome
wapaloola: and drugs
**Morgene takes clothes off
**Morgene pulls out used syringe
Morgene: Ready
Ghostcat: xD
Ghostcat: no rock and roll though
Morgene: ...
Morgene: You guys suck
**Morgene puts clothes back on

Chat/Quote #61 +(-22)-
Morgene: Is that on the quotes thing yet?
Ghostcat: ?
Morgene: Nevermind...

Chat/Quote #59 +(-11)-
<tm10> TheSlayerSystem (17 hours ago)
<tm10> Remove | Block User | Spam Marked as spam
<tm10> attention all mhnoodles fans, check us? out were are better them him rofl pl0x!!!!
<Biscuit> oh man
<Biscuit> you bout to get unsubscribed
<tm10> i no
<Biscuit> by like 3000 people
<tm10> I know, his message was really convincing. Even I unsubscribed from myself.

Chat/Quote #55 +(-3)-
<tm10> The chat quotes on that site are terrible. The only good ones are from the old #socb. That place really did go to shit like everyone said when we left.

Chat/Quote #53 +(9)-

16:43 Jask Apparently I forgot that you existed, Gawi.

Chat/Quote #52 +(32)-
[14:26] <@aegilnet> this chat is epic, girls/transformers/DBZ/matrix all at ones, without anyone complaining

Chat/Quote #50 +(11)-
<gnsnprwldwsl> Anyone here into cars ?
<%tm10> I've been into a car once. It was pretty sweet.
<Arayu> Yeah
<Arayu> I've been in a car or two
<gnsnprwldwsl> = ='
<gnsnprwldwsl> Sigh, IRC.

Chat/Quote #49 +(-2)-
Cptmrrm: and i think im going to stop getting on this thing everytime i get on all i have is just one question but instead i always end up getting an answer and a penis

The good ol' days. . .

Chat/Quote #48 +(-35)-
VioletKIRA: oh crap jask is back
* VioletKIRA puts clothes back on
tm10|fapping: Jask, get the fuck out, now.
Jask: Oh crap, Kira is back!
* Jask takes clothes back off

Chat/Quote #47 +(2)-
Amzo: Whose's the irc whore around here?
Amzo: I need some hawt cyber.
Jask: That would be tm
DyrimTW: tm10

Chat/Quote #45 +(-20)-
ZackVixACD: I am watching a documentary on TV about crashes
ZackVixACD: and I was just thinking about posting a comment ...
ZackVixACD: then I realized .. it is tv... :/
ZackVixACD: damn you Youtube

Chat/Quote #43 +(-33)-
AdmiredFob: yao
AdmiredFob: yap
AdmiredFob: lol embargo
maxninja: he was gonna say yaoi
maxninja: cus he gay
Corona: ya i know
maxninja: RUFFLE
maxninja: 1
Jask: Hey Fob, you missed it, there was a yaoi night at fanime. You'd have loved it.
AdmiredFob: idk wtf a yaoi is :/
Corona: that makes me feel like killing myself
AdmiredFob: omg
AdmiredFob: dick
Jask: Haha! Please tell me you just googled "yaoi"

Chat/Quote #42 +(-14)-
Jask: tm, those bastards crashed my Firefox.
tm10: Ban them. Ban them all.

Chat/Quote #41 +(-10)-
Jask: I'm gay for men.
Jask: Especially Sev and Ryuko.
Jaded: ._.
Mavren: I'm fungus for men
Jask: Mav is a mushroom for Mario?
Mavren: D: mario will eat me!
Jaded: That's awkward.
Jask: Mario will eat you and become big.

Chat/Quote #40 +(-16)-
Von: I hate Ryuko :(
Ryuko: No you don't.
Von: Do too.
Ryuko: You like me, and it scares you.

Chat/Quote #39 +(-9)-
<Corona>: In New York 2 years ago, 200 monks decided to meditate in Time Square, and their goal was to reduce crime in the city by 25%
<Corona>: At first, they were made fun of by the police
<Corona>: After one week, they ended up getting support from the police
<Corona>: Because in one week, there was a 25% drop
<ZackVixACD>: damn Monks, they have a lot of mana
<TheSeraph>: do i get girls if i meditate in a shopping centre?

Chat/Quote #38 +(-45)-
* HolyDragonNall rapes Fob as an apology

Chat/Quote #37 +(-12)-
<TheSeraph>: !@#$%^&*()_
<ZackVixACD>: !@#$%^&*()_ <-- Damn, what programing language is this? PissedOff++?

Chat/Quote #36 +(0)-
Croda: I'm bored
Jask: me too.
Jask: Wanna fuck shit up?
Croda: yes btw

Chat/Quote #35 +(-7)-
SilverIceGale: ive known the greatest pleasure in my jask mum
SilverIceGale: WTF AM I SAYING
mrt: LOL
* SilverIceGale facepalms
SilverIceGale: GAWD
* SilverIceGale slams head onto desk repeatedly

Chat/Quote #34 +(-11)-
Biscuit: some guy is talking to me on msn but idk wtf he is
Biscuit: :/
DyrimTW: tell him to sod off
DyrimTW: like the wanker he is
Jask: Start cybering with him.
Biscuit: but he knows who i am
Biscuit: and like
Jask: He'll leave you alone if you keep at it long enough
Biscuit: :/
Biscuit: k jask's advice worked
Biscuit: he's gone now

Chat/Quote #33 +(-18)-
Jask: Hello all.
tm10: hi
tm10: i am the only one around
Jask: Well, it's just you and I then.
Jask: Shall we turn down the lights?
* tm10 puts on some Barry White
tm10: We shall.

Chat/Quote #32 +(-17)-
AdmiredFob: As young as Jask is, he looks like a fucking 30 year old
AdmiredFob: or hotter
AdmiredFob: i mean
AdmiredFob: older
AdmiredFob: >_>
Jask: Thank you Fob, I'm flattered.
tm10: Freudian slip...

Chat/Quote #31 +(-10)-
DyrimTW: It's bullshit, and i'm calling christians on it.
* Jesus stabs Dyrim.
Jesus: The pain means I'm real.
DyrimTW: wtf
*** npc has joined #socb.
Senpai3330: rofl
DyrimTW: .....hax.

Chat/Quote #30 +(4)-
Jask: Actually, you're right. some buttons are worth pushing, like this one...
*** You're not a channel operator!
MakaiElite: >_>
*** You're not a channel operator!
Jask:, there's egg on my face
burlynate: *waits*
Ryuko: ur slow!
Jask: Apparently I forgot to do something important
tm10: Hahaha, you idiot.
MakaiElite: >_>
MakaiElite: XD
burlynate: thats splooge
burlynate: not egg
*** Mode change "+h Jask" for channel #socb by ChanServ.
tm10: You're not op/hop
tm10: Oh shi~
Jask: Haha, whoops

Chat/Quote #29 +(-14)-
Aintaer: As the last op you should wield your powers with impunity and irresponsibility.
*** Aintaer has been kicked from #socb by Jask: Really?

Chat/Quote #28 +(-13)-
*** You are now known as Jesus.
God: Hello, my son.
Jesus: I hate you dad!
Jesus: Why do you always have to kill me!
God: I hate you too, you bastard child.
Jesus: You love your pet humans more than you love me!
God: Because you're a disgrace. How DARE you be nice and make people like me. I spent the whole fucking old testament killing bitches and shit and you fucked it all up with that "peace" shit. THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO FEAR ME! NOT LOVE ME!
Jesus: How could anyone love a horrible beast like you!
* Jesus runs to his room crying
God: Emo.
Lucifer: See, I told you he'd turn out to be a wuss if you sent him to Earth....
DyrimTW: Oh, excellent.
DyrimTW: I just choked on tea laughing at this.
DyrimTW: thnx u gaiz =D

Chat/Quote #27 +(-17)-
Ryuko: JASK
Ryuko: WE
Ryuko: ARE
*** Ryuko has been kicked from #socb by Maiden: Please Do Not Flood In This Channel, 10 Lines In 8 Seconds.