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Chat/Quote #245 +(11)-
*** ShotaBot|AHP!Adalet@3DADEEA9.C7C2E5EF.14E6DA79.IP kicked ZackVixACD from the channel: I'm TIRED of these MOTHER FUCKIN' ZACKVIXACD"s on my MOTHER FUCKIN' CHOO CHOO TRAIN. Fuck shit nigger damn cunt.

Chat/Quote #243 +(7)-
<ZackVixACD>: my friend plugged in his 360 after couple of months, and guess what happened?
<KazeNurite>: RRoD
<Arayu>: It RRoD'd?
<KidImposter>: RROD
<ZackVixACD>: yeah
<KazeNurite>: lololol
<Seamus>: I was gonna guess that it burst into flame.

Chat/Quote #241 +(31)-
***Xlol glomps Reid, Vesuvius, Bot, Shirt, GeneStarwind, Frogore, Golgaman, Mandabear, mib_reuhc7, Mr_Popo, nosrevelk, Quel, Raviente, Soft, Venocx, and ZackVixACD
<Xlol>: :D
<ZackVixACD>: nick spamming?
Xlol left the room (quit: Quit: night Reid Vesuvius Bot Shirt GeneStarwind Frogore Golgaman Mandabear mib_reuhc7 Mr_Popo nosrevelk Quel Raviente Soft Vesuvius ZackVixACD).

Chat/Quote #239 +(8)-
<me>: I break my dry spells with some ultimate mega fapping xD

Chat/Quote #238 +(27)-
Frogore: For all we know there could be a raid on the WIKI and not the chat. Picture waking up tomorrow and there be gay dinosaur sex gifs on every page

Chat/Quote #237 +(-9)-
<Cleric> omg... my connection just fixed itself
<Ryuko> yay?
<Ryuko> wait, does that mean that your connection is the world's first self aware self sustaining ai?
<Cleric> i think so
<Cleric> go optus
<Cleric> decent speed!
<KidImposter> it's a lie
<Cleric> i might watch a youtube video!
<KidImposter> it's faking it
<Cleric> you try telling it that
<Cleric> it'll probably kill you and take over the world
<Cleric> D= it's reading everything we say!
<Cleric> we're doomed
<Ryuko> unplug it
<Ryuko> it'll die
<Cleric> I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Ryuko.
<Ryuko> sup HAL
<Cleric> World Domination.

Chat/Quote #236 +(-3)-

Chat/Quote #232 +(-2)-
<giascle>: Silly Microsoft, no one cares if the upgrades could make it more powerful than the Pentagon. Unless it looks new, it is inferior.
<Nymous>: I heard they are gonna add a new and more powerful RROD...

Chat/Quote #231 +(-23)-
<Ichiro>:"The Xbox 360 was designed for a long life, and I dont even know if were at the midpoint yet."
<Ichiro>: Long life... Yet many died already...

Chat/Quote #229 +(-1)-
***thraadash facepalms
***SexyG buttpalms

Chat/Quote #224 +(-26)-
<Cleric> i was on a friend's file and i threw a masterball at one of the elite 4's pokemon
<ZackVixACD> you wasted his masterball lol
<Cleric> he was soooo pissed
<Cleric> i was like... hmmm... catches anything eh

Chat/Quote #223 +(-18)-
<ZackVixACD> some fucked up bots keep on doing shit on hunstermonter. I don't want to build a kaptcha because I don't want users to be slowed down by it when they submit shit, and i don't want to hold submissions because I want the chat quotes to go online right away >:/ Grrr!!! and the builders of those bots think I am stupid and am using BBcode or I am even enabling Html codes.
<Cleric> hmmm... should i watch jaws 2?
<HotGamerMum> why your site?
<ZackVixACD> I don't know :/ I don't even think it is that popular. I mainly have it for my own entertainment >:/
<HotGamerMum> weird
<Cleric> c'mon... of course it's popular, i've posted a couple of things on there
<Cleric> i've probably posted more on there than i have on the forums... ever
<ZackVixACD> lol
<ZackVixACD> Now I need to think of a way of getting rid fo them. Obviously ip bans isn't the way to go as they are changing those
<Cleric> double murder suicide?
<ZackVixACD> look at this shit?
<ZackVixACD> double murder suicide?
<Cleric> yeah, why not
<ZackVixACD> okay, that's what I will do. I will have to use myself as admin and not let quotes go online yet.
<Cleric> ouch
<ZackVixACD> what's double murder suicide?
<Cleric> that'll be time consuming
<Cleric> when you kill 2 people and kill yourself
<ZackVixACD> oh
<ZackVixACD> alright, or I will do that. I will enable proxy blocking like I had before.
<ZackVixACD> I only disabled that because of thraadash >:/

Chat/Quote #200 +(21)-
MumsWrath_ is now known as MumsWrath
* MumsWrath is now known as Guest29224
* Guest29224 is now known as MumsWrath_
* MumsWrath_ is now known as MumsWrath
<DragoValhar> Uh oh, Kids bot got broke.
* MumsWrath is now known as Guest38695
* Guest38695 is now known as MumsWrath_
* MumsWrath_ is now known as MumsWrath

Chat/Quote #199 +(-30)-
MonthOLDpickle: heh my GF got me a wedding ring
DarkCobraSK: <.<
Seamus: She's dropping hints, Mop.
Seamus: Run

Chat/Quote #197 +(5)-
BaltoTheSeaman: so she told me "I know why you are doing this. You just want to get in my pants and do it with me", and I look straight in her eyes with the most serious romantic look and reply "You are wrong. I want to do get in your pants more than once"

Chat/Quote #196 +(-12)-
Popo|AHP: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Popo|AHP left the room (Kicked by MumsWrath (Letter repeats detected, do not use excess consecutive letters. (25+ consecutive f's) :: - Banned - 42)).
HotGamerMum: kid, leave that alone
Jask: I do too, Dash
HotGamerMum: i want that

Chat/Quote #195 +(-13)-
KidImposter: !google is gone
KidImposter: niggerfuckshitdamn

Chat/Quote #194 +(-34)-
<Popo|Thinking>: i have a question
<Popo|Thinking>: if dumbledore was gay
<Popo|Thinking>: would that mean that snape is guilty of a hate crime?

Chat/Quote #193 +(19)-
<Ryuko>: Obviously, video games are at fault here. They failed to teach this kid how to disarm a drunk knife-wielding nanny."
<DragoValhar>: He didn't play enough assassins creed
<DragoValhar>: counter that bitch and stab her in the neck
<ZackVixACD>: yeah, he should have presses his built-in R1+Square at the right moment

Chat/Quote #191 +(-4)-
[11:21] <Cleric> stop molesting our guests soul... wait til AFTER they're asleep
[11:22] <SoulG> But I didnt do a thing!
[11:22] <thraadash> You said "hello".
[11:22] <thraadash> God enough.
[11:22] <thraadash> HAHAHAHAHAHAA
[11:22] <SoulG> Yes, Im god

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