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Chat/Quote #159 +(-12)-
[HotGamerMum] PSP = Permanent Sex Partner

Chat/Quote #158 +(-7)-
<LittleFox> Is it sad that we talk about buttsecks so much that google is advertising lubricant?

Chat/Quote #157 +(18)-
<%Jecht> This hand of mine is burning red!
<%Jecht> It's loud roar tells me to grasp victory!
<%Jecht> Erupting...Jecht..Finger!!!
* %Jecht Triumphant Grasps Paladin
* %Jecht ex bursts
<%Jecht> C'mon c'mon c'mon! Let's go!
*** Jecht kicked Paladin from the channel: 9999
<Cleric> holy shit that was ovar 9000

Chat/Quote #156 +(-19)-
<Prime223> Brutal Legend is epic
<SoulG> Butt love is also epic
<Prime223> soulG no.....
<SoulG> It is. Wanna try?
<Prime223> :/ wtf no
<SoulG> aww
* LittleFox has joined #socb
<LittleFox> Do
<LittleFox> do do do do

Chat/Quote #155 +(9)-
Adalet: Save me.
Adalet: I just went to take a bite of my hamburger
Adalet: And my aunt Amber is trying to force me to say prayer.
Adalet: The atheist in me wants to scream. "GOD. IS A LOAD. OF SHIT. HE DOESN'T EXIST. AND JESUS IS DEAD."

Chat/Quote #153 +(13)-
<&thraadash> As much as some might find it amusing, I don't.
<MonthOLDpickle> ?
<&thraadash> The 2 of you will change your nicks.
<&thraadash> Now.
* HotGamerCum is now known as Mr_Popo
* Jask|grouping is now known as Jask
* Bot sets mode: +ao Jask Jask
<@Wandermeyer> I tried to tell them Mum wouldnt be amused >.>
* thraadash sets mode: +b HotSuckerMum!*@*
* HotSuckerMum was kicked by thraadash (thraadash)

Chat/Quote #152 +(0)-
<Adalet> Hey Seamus, want a snowball?
<Seamus> No thanks, adalet
<Mudkip> Seamus, care for some teabagging?
<Seamus> Once again, no thanks.
<Adalet> Is it the coconut Seamus?
<Adalet> The consistency of the coconut? Would you just rather have.. A twinkie?
<Mr_Popo> G, want some buttsecks?
<&Jask> Don't think I've tried snowballing. Wouldn't mind trying though.
<&Jask> BJ and kissing, I get two awesome things.
<Adalet> ...
<Adalet> I meant... the.. Hostess snack.. Snowball...
<&Jask> Oh, right. I'd forgotten about those
<&Jask> Only had them once or twice
<Mr_Popo> lol
* Adalet walks away twitching

Chat/Quote #151 +(-29)-
piccolo is a yoshi

Chat/Quote #150 +(-13)-
<Work|MonthOLDpickle> I am about to upgrade my phone
<wapaloola> Everyones english dies now and then.
<&Ryuko> upgrade
<&Ryuko> how?
<light-sandy> my dad has one too... And I'm showing signs of......*shiver...
* Adalet pats sandy on the back
<wapaloola> We will help you through this difficult period, Cleric.
<Work|MonthOLDpickle> motorla clit
<Work|MonthOLDpickle> err Cliq

Chat/Quote #149 +(-1)-
Work|MonthOLDpickle: motorla clit
Work|MonthOLDpickle: err Cliq

Chat/Quote #148 +(-13)-
<Mr_Popo> i plan to live on sperm bank donations

Chat/Quote #147 +(-32)-
tm10: I HAD a beard twice the beard of his beard, and no vagina around my penis because of it
tm10: And I shave my pubes, just in case I get raped.
tm10: I like to be courteous to my lovers
tm10: No one likes a bush.

Chat/Quote #146 +(10)-
ZackVixACD: THIS: is scary
ZackVixACD: try to waTCH THE whole thing, you will be like "WTF!!!!!!!!!"
DarkCobraSK: that's a guy. . .
DarkCobraSK: creppy. . .
DarkCobraSK: creepy*
DarkCobraSK: WTF o_O
DarkCobraSK: WTF >_<
DarkCobraSK: WTF WTF WTF!!!!
Prime223: Nope seems deadly.
DarkCobraSK: X_X
ZackVixACD: lol

Chat/Quote #145 +(22)-
ZackVixACD: I cooked some rice
ZackVixACD: and I am eating it.
ZackVixACD: ... wanna puke X(

Chat/Quote #144 +(27)-
Work|MonthOLDpickle: man I can't wait for kids =S
Work|MonthOLDpickle: so they can grow up and tell me they hate my guts

Chat/Quote #143 +(12)-
Jask: It's like how some people like regular milk better, and some like chocolate milk better.
HotGamerMum: breastmilk?
Jask: That totally wasn't a racial comment, Mum.
croda: no, that's an interracial metaphor jask
HotGamerMum: ...
croda: cuz margerine comes in a tub and butter is in a stick =)

Chat/Quote #142 +(-4)-
<Adalet> We're no strangers to love, you know the rules, and so do I! A commitments what I'm thinking of...
<Mr_Popo> kick him
<Mr_Popo> now
<Adalet> Rofl.
<Mr_Popo> please
<Mr_Popo> please
<Mr_Popo> please
<Mr_Popo> please
*** Bot kicked Mr_Popo from the channel: Stop flooding!
*** Mr_Popo has joined #socb
<Mr_Popo> lol
<Mr_Popo> irony
<Adalet> Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down!

Chat/Quote #141 +(-22)-
ZackVixACD: ... wow 4 people
ZackVixACD: oh wait... that's just Mr_Popo
NotJask: hurr?
NotJask: i aint that fat

Chat/Quote #139 +(30)-
<Mr_Popo> hey...
<Mr_Popo> is this mean?
<Mr_Popo> <F|ExpectingAFlood> brb watching flood happen
<Mr_Popo> <@Mr_Popo> kewl
<Mr_Popo> <@Mr_Popo> film it
<Mr_Popo> <@Mr_Popo> and send it to bis
<Mr_Popo> <asd> lol
<Mr_Popo> <@Mr_Popo> so he can put on livestream
<Mr_Popo> <@Mr_Popo> and people will watch again
* Mr_Popo was kicked by Bot (Stop flooding!)

Chat/Quote #136 +(-19)-
<Adalet> Hey WANDER
<Butthurt> inb4nigger
<Adalet> You're a fucking NIGGER.
<Jaded> Maiden > bot
* Wandermeyer sets mode: +b *!*@428E5C17.E36FE25C.14E6DA79.IP
<Kite> nice butthurt
<Kite> that was good timing
* Adalet was kicked by Wandermeyer (cool)

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