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You will need to come to discord (click here) to update your certificate!
Come to the #bot-commands channel and type  !c hv2.0cert . We are generating new certificates! Come join us on Discord!

Registrations are now open! Patapon Players, Welcome to HunsterVerse!

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State of HunsterVerse Announcement for the Month of March 2018

Yet another month (March 2018) quickly went by!
Some new features were deployed and and improvements were made to HV.

[User Statistics]
a. Total sign up has now reached 16,000. With 2500+ active connection this month.
I believe signup should start leveling off now.
b. On average, there are 400+ Unique Hunter playing each day. I believe we will be reaching user equilibrium soon. By User equilibrium, I mean the hardcore HunsterVere players. At any rates, we have a lot of active users :)
c. Thanks to the vote2kick awesome tool, you guys have been booted snipers left and right! In February, you booted 46 unwanted people out of a GH. The most booted players were Adlizes25(5), jesus2(2), SlayerKagura(2).
d. QuestBoard was introduced in March and in the month of March alone, more than 2,000 quests were posted! This means that it is a great tool!
e. Total bans last month was 46. Our newest Staff member Blakfox has achieved Cheater Hunter of the month of March with a total of 13 bans.
f. Please fix remember to fix your certificate here if you still have trouble connecting to HV.

[Cool Stuff]
HunsterVerse Friendship Level. Questboard also brought HVFL. The most thankful room was #mhp3rd. These guys kept on thanking each other after the hunts :O!
The first user to cross 600 HVFL was Osiel. However, he was quickly dethroned. These are the current HunsterVerse top Friendly Players (Top Coopers)
#1 1469 pts bRy#0505
#2 1304 pts Sky#5834
#3 1173 pts 𝕽𝖆𝖌𝖓𝖆𝖗𝕷𝖔𝖉𝖇𝖗𝖔𝖐#2048
Wew! Much friendly, such Coop, Praise the sun! \[T]/.
You can look at the whole HV Friendship Ranking here.

[Cool Upcoming Stuff in April]
a. MHGenXX
b. HV Guildcard
c. HunsterVerse Forums (You won't need to sign up, your stats from discord and from HV will be ported over!)
d. Check out what has been done in the background here.

[Special Thanks]
We would to give a special thanks to all members of our awesome community. A special shoutout goes to all the generous Hunsters who donated and who are still our patrons on patreon.
Check the list of donors here.
--The Great HV Staff!
Added on 2018-Apr-10
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This blog entry link is here. Viewed: 31000 times.

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