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Make HunsterVerse Downtime proof

Warning: Read this page carefully!
This page is used to have a fixed version of your certificate sent to you.
If your certificate was created after November 28th, 2017, you do not have to and you should not use this page.

The purpose of this process is to make HunsterVerse downtime-proof. This will allow me to reduce future down times (if they happen) from hours to mere minutes or seconds. Thanks to all the people who donated to make this possible. Please donate if you haven't done so already .

Pro-way (for not the lazy people)
Simply edit your certificate and replace line 42 with
remote vpn.hunsterverse.net 1194
To edit your certificate, right-click on the OpenVPNGUI, then your certificate, and choose Edit Config

N00b-way (for the n00bs and lazy): Use the form below!
819 n00bs have used this method so far

Your certificate name is your OVPN file will look something similar to CertName-CertNumber.ovpn.
If you can't find your certificate (OVPN file), check the email I sent you.
Or look into: C:\Users\[YOURNAME]\OpenVPN\config
Example: GreatMightyZack-694209000
Enter the CertName, CertNumber, and the email you used to sign up in the form below.
Image Credit: idea::Delta and crayonExpert::Cx;Cx.

Email used