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Cheater Reporting Page

Note: All previous report and their status can be found here.
Reporting a Cheater
  • 1) Make sure you have screenshots and proofs uploaded to imgur.
  • 2) If you can, take a screenshot of the GH status page seen Here and upload it to imgur
  • 3) Write the reason why you think the person is cheating AND paste the links to your proofs
  • 4) Give a rough estimate of how long ago the person was cheating
  • 5) Report Cheater's name on Discord
  • 5)???
  • 6)Cheater Will be INSTA INSTA BAN
  • Example Report:
    GreatHunter22 was cheating today in MHFU; we were in GH2 about 15 minutes ago. I believe he was using a save file from GetMHSaves.com.
    Here is the link to my screenshot : http://imgur.com/gallery/jWr67J8
    Here is the link to the GH status page: http://imgur.com/gallery/KpCvMuf
    My name was BadAssHunter and my friend's name was KickAssBoomer. The cheater's name on discord was CrapInMyAss.

  • Cheater Report
    Author (your name):