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Chat/Quote #345 +(-26)-
Jamal: Every 60 seconds, a minute passes

Chat/Quote #344 +(-3)-
Izaacs > are your balls made of pussy!?
❄Filxter❄ > What the fuck Izaacs
MightyZack > actually you know the skin of your balls is made of the same thing that the vage lips are made of
so yes, his balls are kind of made of pussy lips
Aeron Sor > I could have died
without that knowledge
and i wouldn't complain

Chat/Quote #340 +(31)-
D I A N I E ⚜: I can't go home now but no job for me lel

Chat/Quote #338 +(23)-
#support channel
- alguien habla espanol?
- how to connect?
- help i can't connect!
- alguien habla espanol? :v
- ! ip
- hi guys i have a problem (remain unsolved)
- alguien habla espanol? :V

Chat/Quote #333 +(18)-
can i use HV for play anothers online games on ppsspp besides MH?

Chat/Quote #331 +(6)-
<Angus Blanchard (Welcome Bot)> Whats your ppsspp nick?
<kinto38(kinto/aiko)> it is version is 1.4.2

Chat/Quote #320 +(56)-
(Betaray) I'm kinda bored, any idea of something to watch or anything?
(HunsterBot_) Hey BetaRay!
(HunsterBot_) Beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta, beta!
HunsterBot_) Please all of you, help me MAKE BETARAY ALPHA AGAIN! IT IS GONNA BE HARD BUT WE CAN.
(HunsterBot_) Please all of you, help me MAKE BETARAY ALPHA AGAIN! IT IS GONNA BE HARD BUT WE CAN.
(HunsterBot_) Please all of you, help me MAKE BETARAY ALPHA AGAIN! IT IS GONNA BE HARD BUT WE CAN.
(Betaray) there can't be an "again" because I never was
(leeor_net) I'm slightly confused.
(Betaray) just roll with it
(leeor_net) I can do that

Chat/Quote #318 +(21)-
<Betaray> my dad just called asking me how to disabled his popup blocker, I asked him what browser he is using and he said "google or yahoo"
<Betaray> god damnit

Chat/Quote #316 +(63)-
ZackVixACD: Yes, the great Zack himself is back
Laverden: oh man
Laverden: Zack!
ZackVixACD: Yes!
CreepyRpg: oh man zack is here
CreepyRpg: lets get out
CreepyRpg: >:(

Chat/Quote #267 +(20)-
ffha: I just installed a virus on my computer. It spammed pop-ups with naked ladies in them. I think I'm gonna go open it again.

Chat/Quote #265 +(-29)-
<ZackVixACD>: DUMP
<Seamus>: Thanks for sharing, Zack

Chat/Quote #264 +(-39)-
<KazeNurite>: What're some good google chrome extensions?
<Ryuko>: firefox

Chat/Quote #263 +(56)-
*** HotGamerMum quit (Quit: To hell with you gays!)

Chat/Quote #262 +(50)-
HotGamerMum: the navi in the forums change too
ZackVixACD: the navi?
ZackVixACD: navigation?
Ryuko: HEY
HotGamerMum: yup
***TheSeraph stabs Ryuko

Chat/Quote #261 +(11)-
[HotGamerMum] "I'm never having kids. I hear they take 9 months to download."

Chat/Quote #259 +(-55)-
<TheSeraph> Cleric is hiding his boobs
<TheSeraph> don't worry, not telling ;)
* Cleric squeezes them together
<Cleric> Come and get 'em.
<Cleric> ;)
* ZackVixACD has quit (Client exited)

Chat/Quote #258 +(44)-
<&tm10> In Philosophy everyone and their mother has their own take on different words.
<Mr_Popo> wouldnt their mother be included in "Everyone"?
<&tm10> Women aren't people, you idiot.

Chat/Quote #257 +(132)-
<Ryuko>: According to my girlfriend, only gay people can teleport.
<Cleric>: How does that work?
<Ryuko>: idk
***Cleric turns gay
<Cleric>: I still can't teleport
<Ryuko>: well she's obv wrong
<Cleric>: Tell her that. >:/
***Cleric turns back

Chat/Quote #256 +(-19)-
* Jesus has quit (Ping timeout)
<Arayu> lol Jesus timed out.
<Halcyon> He will be back in 3 days

Chat/Quote #255 +(38)-
Arayu: Maybe if I get Pants pregnant I'll get laid. :o

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