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Chat/Quote #347 +(19)-
a hentai server becomes..ytlyberty78u90ooiuytr ewe45r6tyuiojhg fdethrk6 tlyouijh gdfrytruliyuhg y fuygil li giyg lhi bn ighl uohkh

Chat/Quote #346 +(17)-
Plesioth is dummy thicc and the clap of his hitboxes keeps carting the noobs

Chat/Quote #343 +(22)-
"I believe I can fly~" ode to greatsword upswing victims.

Chat/Quote #342 +(-2)-
If you see a rajang, flash bomb it! blind puck can't do shit!

Chat/Quote #341 +(93)-
Don't drink and flex when there's a giant horn-thing headed straight for you, kids.

Chat/Quote #339 +(21)-
Vaccaria: I'm okay with the fact that there are cheaters in MHFU and MHP3rd, which means I still have a job. But if someone, SOMEONE, just tries to cheat in MHF1, I am so done that I will be a mod just to make a new role to call them "true n00b" when they go to the #gulag, and leave the server again :V

Chat/Quote #337 +(79)-
How to switch to manual select channel

in game

I want to play GodEaters with my friend
Okay thank your the info

Chat/Quote #336 +(72)-
Andrzej: well
Andrzej: we dont need to cut its tail
Andrzej: for sac
Andrzej: we should either kill or capture
Haruka: but its sack is near its tail(edited)
Andrzej: ohh right
Andrzej: truu
Andrzej: forgot about it
Andrzej: dang it
Haruka: I should quote that

Chat/Quote #335 +(25)-
When the other players starting waiting for you and following you around, you know that you've become their hero.

That's when your anxiety kicks in.

Chat/Quote #334 +(97)-
There is no more humbling feeling than being HR9 with almost 700 hours in-game and still forgetting your cool drinks and well-done steaks like a noob.

I speak from experience.

Chat/Quote #332 +(170)-
What goes around, comes around and hits your harder. And that pretty much goes for every tail spin spamming mother fuckers who hits you the second you dodge the first spin. Bastards.

Chat/Quote #330 +(157)-
Jay: im gonna go to japan and punch whoever the fuck programmed rathalos to go from 9 to 4 then immidetly leave and go back to 9.

Chat/Quote #329 +(46)-
Alguien que me ayude con el emulador no puedo ver a los jugadores.

Chat/Quote #328 +(149)-
Blaze00(aren): an GL ,LS and a DS user in the same party.
Jennie (ブラックピンク): all for a Bow and GS lmao
Blaze00(aren): this gonna be fun
Jennie (ブラックピンク): What about the pellet shots?
Jennie (ブラックピンク): damnit
Sibrilu: @Blaze00(aren) where ill join with pellets
Blaze00(aren): lol
Blaze00(aren): same gh
Jennie (ブラックピンク): oh fuck lmao
Jennie (ブラックピンク): this is going to the quotes

Chat/Quote #327 +(150)-
<towa> game "wait this guy has luck booster AND mega lucky cat, he must need something"
"better give him trash"

Chat/Quote #326 +(123)-
<Ostarion >@Angus Blanchard, i just got locked by 5 bullfango in area 9 of forest and hills last night. everytime i get up they charge me.
<Ostarion> then i got carted

Chat/Quote #325 +(142)-
<TheATG/Adrian (Tip Master)> I carted to vespoids in F1 once
<TheATG/Adrian (Tip Master)> Got stunned by preys and pushed in the cave in the jungle where there were a shit ton of vespoids waiting for me

Chat/Quote #324 +(145)-
<TheATG/Adrian (Tip Master)> fuck I went into a quest with a bow but I have clips for my bowgun

Chat/Quote #323 +(65)-
Hall 2 Rathalos and rathian high

Chat/Quote #322 +(168)-
<Zinogre's Revival XXShanks> See, this is why I can't enjoy P3rd.
Not even 2 minutes in and going online with four dudes my entire shit just shits on itself. Explosive diarrhea

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